Monday, September 29, 2008

What Happens in Vegas...

We are in Henderson, NV right now, which is just a bit outside of Las Vegas. We are staying with Jamie and Ryan in their very cute and VERY spacious apartment, and are having so much fun. During the drive from St. George to their apt., Josh never stopped chanting, "Ry-Ry, Na-Na." (that's over an hour)

Thank you Jamie and Ryan for opening up your place to us and our noisy and busy boys!
(will they still want kids after we are done here?)

We all went to the World Buffet at the Rio hotel & casino for "lunch". (though we haven't eaten since) YUM! Josh hardly stayed in his chair, but kept running to the wall of bubbles. He thought that was where they kept the fish!

A buffet to Josh is as many straws you can fit in your mouth.

Luckily this buffet was free for the boys, since, combined, all they ate was: 2 soda crackers, 3 pieces of fruit, a couple of spoonfuls of macaroni, and 3 bites of a corn dog. Then of course, some ice cream!

What is free on the strip that Josh and Jack would love? The aquarium inside Caesar's Palace. Josh probably is probably in the background of every picture being taken during our visit, since he moved as fast as lightning around the aquarium!

We also happened to be there at the time the really weird show started, you know, the one with the talking ad moving statues. But there was some fake fire that got the boys attention.

Thanks for the food and fishies, Vegas. We'll see you later.


Tanya said...


This totally brought back memories of being there together. Remember that? How you had to get earplugs to deal with all the snoring from my dad and I? Ya. I still feel bad about that.

But we had so much fun, it was awesome!!! I had a great time with you in St. George, too. We really need to get together for a girls night out when you get back.

Lindsey Montague said...

Tanya, don't feel bad. It was just training for the 3 snorers I live with now. AND, we are usually all in the same room when we travel!

Amanda said...

It looks like so much fun! We miss you guys and wish we could be there to hang out too! Hope you had fun!