Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Dad


My dad's b-day was yesterday, Jan 28. We have a long-standing tradition to celebrate it on Superbowl Sunday, which will take place this Sunday. When Josh was born in January, it was as if their souls were linked in a way that is uniquely theirs. At a very early age, Josh would light up as my dad would enter a room. We all knew that when my dad was around, he would not go to any aunts or uncles, or even grandma. Jack loves his grandpa too.

This was at Jack's blessing. It is wonderful to have been raised by someone who holds the priesthood, and who uses it to continue to bless the lives of his out-of-home children. He will also be an example of that to his "future" generations.

For those who have never seen this pic, this is nothing compared to what he used to do to US, his own kids. I wasn't overly worried about it, since we all survived, but I know the in-laws were a bit nervous for their own future children!! (Josh was 6 months old here)

I also must say that I come from a line of other great men. My Grandpa Goates' b-day is on Monday. He is the one who married Dan and me in the SLC temple, the day before his own birthday. He tried to convince us to change our date so our reception would be a double celebration! My parents have carried on the tradition that my grandparents started, by taking their grandchildren for an overnight b-day celebration. Josh LOVED it!! We, as Grandpa Brent's grandkids, also have some wonderful memories of staying at his home. One of mine: Grandpa's "grand finale" pancake!

I Love You Dad!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Boy!!


Our first-born is turning 3 on January 19. Not only was he our first baby, but the first grandbaby for most of his grandparents. He was cooing and communicating with us from his first few hours, and continues to tell us all sorts of things. (lately, he is repeating everything we say...) We didn't officially know what we were going to have that night 3 years ago, but I was sure it was a boy. Joshua Spencer Montague is an amazingly sweet boy to other kids, even to little brother, Jack. He has always been mature and responsible, as well as thoughtful and sensitive. It has been so much fun getting to know him!

Josh always has a smile for anyone, and one of the BIGGEST belly-laughs I have ever heard come out of such a small frame. It is contagious, and we have some of the best footage of it from when he was just 6 months old up to now.

Josh became a big bother when he was still just a baby himself, at 18 months. He was always the first one to Jack's aid when there was crying, to share a toy or Josh's own beloved "goggy" blanket. Jack is lucky to have Josh as his big brother

We learned what an amazing traveler Josh was when he was just 4 months old, driving to Idaho. Since then, we have flown to CA, camped in WY lots, and road-tripped to many other places. We were very blessed with such an easy-going baby, since we love to get out and see the world. We are excited to be able to do this with our family, since Josh sets a good example of a good passenger.

Josh has definitely inherited his dad's love for adventure. Josh can't just walk down stairs, he has to jump them... all. He can already do a 180 when he jumps off stair and curbs. He's a little skater/boarder in training!

Josh gets excited to do projects with mom, from creating animals with playdough, to making birdfeeders, to looking for worms in the garden. Even, though Josh refused to say "mama" until he was 2, I know that we have a very special bond.

Josh loves:
ALL animals, ice cream, all 3 "boppas," granny, grandma, his aunts and uncles, "Nee" (King), opening presents, making tents in his room, his blankets (that he's had since birth), watching home videos again and again, bubble baths, CARS, any sport with a ball, baby Jesus, his new Lightning McQeen pj's and shoes, being silly with Jack, getting a cookie at Harmons, balloons...........

We love you Josh!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Day in the Life...

This blog is mostly about what happens while I am at work. We miss our aunts, uncles, grannies, and boppas who are out of state; so this post is for you!!

Lil' Jack trying to be cool like his momma.

This was our morning.

Watch Josh's face of triumph as he has successfully brainwashed Jack in to doing something that only a little brother would be duped in to doing!

This seems slow at first, but keep watching. Josh's cute, little butt is worth it!

Dan walked out of his office the other day and found this...

...and this. Look at that incredibly GUILTY face!
(plus, the footsteps that lead right to where he was standing)
Good thing the boys will have full-time supervision pretty soon.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Catch-Up

Now that things have settled down a bit at our house, I can share some of the fun things we did for Christmas. The boys were VERY into the idea of opening presents! But, whatever one boys opened, the other wanted... and so went the day.

Jack and Josh both received this dancing character, which is a character from a show on the Noggin channel. Apparently, when Josh saw this little guy in a magazine with Grampa Russ, he went nuts over it.

Warning: If Jack should ever visit your home, hide all bags and purses. 

It was a lot of fun watching Josh not only open presents, but get just as excited to give them away. He also became familiar with baby Jesus and the Nativity.

On Christmas night, we had a pretty intense round of Pictionary. (not really!) Though I can't remember who won, we sure had fun showing off our lack of drawing skills.

My mom loved saving the hardest ones for Dan and me. Here is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman." I won that round!!

Jamie and Ryan were always down to business. 
It was too bad we couldn't have all of our family with us, but next year we will all get our