Friday, April 22, 2011

Trek to Ohio

We were missing family, so we drove to our closest set:
Ben & Amanda & Owen
11 hour drive!

This little cutie quickly became Jack's little buddy! Layla also had fun having someone else around that is her size.

The days were cold, but when the sun would peek out, the boys would find their way outside: chalk art, playground, hiking!
(I realize that I have no pics of adults... oops!)

Thank you Owen for letting Josh and Jack sleep in your toy room, and fall asleep with your sock monkeys!

On our way home, we passed by Chicago. One day, when it's warmer, Dan and I will head back there for a much needed vacation.

Of course we had to try Chicago style deep-dish pizza.

We are lucky to have boys who will sleep just about anywhere. Layla is not so easy, but will sleep in any crib as long as she has her favorite pink blanket.

And to send us on our way - a breakfast fit for a 'King!'
(can you guess where we are?)

Everyone did a great job staying patient and happy. This was a good test run before our really LOOOONG drive to Utah in a bit. As long as the truckers pay attention to the boys who are begging them to pull their horns, we should be just fine!

Thank you Ben and Amanda for letting us totally invite ourselves to your home!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Layla the Toddler

The only little girl in our house just became a toddler. I consider 18 months to end baby-hood. There were no tears this time.

Shoes. Tutus. Her pink blanket. Kitties. Dogs. Bedtime binky. Fruit snacks. Blue's Clues. Baths. Being outside, doing anything. Eating snow. Singing songs with actions. Wrestling with brothers. Pasta anything. Oatmeal. Yogurt. Grapes. Climbing everything. Sitting in the middle of our table. Playing with mom's iPhone. Having her picture taken. "Helping" unload dishwasher.

Bananas. (since 4 months) Being mimicked. (she can sound like a car alarm when she whines, so we do it back) Grilled Cheese. Getting caught. Brothers trying to hug her when it's not her idea.

What we love about Layla:
Only her brothers get her to belly-laugh, and it's priceless!!
She likes to "sing" when we are in the car.
She has ALWAYS woken up a happy, smiley girl.
She is the first to try everything, before her older brothers. (no fear)
She can totally hold her own - against brothers or any other kids.
She is quick to forgive and forget.

We love our Layla Hope Montague.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Kid You Not

This was our dinner conversation tonight:

Jack: (he had lost his shirt after spilling milk on it) "What are these little things, mom?"

Me: "Your nipples. Everyone has them."

Jack: "Josh, do you have pickles?" (seriously, without missing a beat)

Josh: (searching his fingers) "I think I have one right on this finger."

(by now I am totally laughing, and encouraging this to keep going)

Me: "Ask dad if he has pickles."

Jack: "Dad, are your pickles big or little?"

Josh: "Mom, you have really big pickles!"

Jack: "Mom, show your pickles to dad."

**This is where Dan and I at the same time started to envision teenage boys in our days dragging State and yelling: "Show me your pickles!" (we literally said it at the same time!)

Your welcome.