Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Layla the Toddler

The only little girl in our house just became a toddler. I consider 18 months to end baby-hood. There were no tears this time.

Shoes. Tutus. Her pink blanket. Kitties. Dogs. Bedtime binky. Fruit snacks. Blue's Clues. Baths. Being outside, doing anything. Eating snow. Singing songs with actions. Wrestling with brothers. Pasta anything. Oatmeal. Yogurt. Grapes. Climbing everything. Sitting in the middle of our table. Playing with mom's iPhone. Having her picture taken. "Helping" unload dishwasher.

Bananas. (since 4 months) Being mimicked. (she can sound like a car alarm when she whines, so we do it back) Grilled Cheese. Getting caught. Brothers trying to hug her when it's not her idea.

What we love about Layla:
Only her brothers get her to belly-laugh, and it's priceless!!
She likes to "sing" when we are in the car.
She has ALWAYS woken up a happy, smiley girl.
She is the first to try everything, before her older brothers. (no fear)
She can totally hold her own - against brothers or any other kids.
She is quick to forgive and forget.

We love our Layla Hope Montague.


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I didn't know she loved pink stuff and tutus so much! And that picture of her big open mouthed smile looks just like your little girl pictures!! I love it. Happy 18 months, Layla!

Dawn said...

What a pretty girl! All of these pictures are a trip down memory lane for me. She looks so much like you, little buddy...those were special years when it was just the two of us. Your smile was just like that, and it was ALWAYS there.

Enjoy that sweetheart...I look forward to reminding her who I am in a few weeks.

Erin said...

Holy Cow that can't be Layla. What happened to the baby? She is so cute.