Saturday, May 30, 2009

Catching Up

We love going to Sugar House park.  So far, we have visited 4 other of our favorite parks and it's a fun way to welcome ourselves back to this area.  

Jack and Josh love to feed the birds: geese, ducks, and seagulls.  

This goose, however, invaded Josh's personal space, which is not okay with him.  It actually walked right up to Josh and grabbed that entire 1/2 roll out of his hand.  That's when Josh was done, and ran back to the stroller.  We actually haven't fed them since!

Josh loves to swing, and doesn't get nervous about how high he gets now, even though he tells you, "no too high, please."

Jack will totally fight you as he gets put in to the swing, but always ends up giggling as he starts to swing!  He's funny.

The boys love to play on the piano.  Josh is so observant though, and will never just play without having something in front to look at - just like mom and her music.  

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Result...


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gifts for Moms

Happy Mother's Day!

Last week, I came home to a great surprise.  Dan had been watching and waiting for the perfect deal on a piano for 3 months, and this was it.  The quick history of it is that it was a gift from a father to a daughter 50 years ago, moved around the country, and never played.  The couple selling were desperate to sell it before an overseas move, and Dan only paid $200!!  
Thank you Dan.  I LOVE IT!!

For my mom's gift, Jason and Thomas had the great idea to plant her veggie garden while she went out of town.  My boys and I decided to help.  

After the big boys did all the heavy labor, and the shopping, Josh and I went to work putting the plants in the ground.  He was so careful with each plant as he lowered it in to the hole.  The he would yell, "next one!"

It only took a few minutes for Josh to get over getting his hands dirty.  As we finished up, we could barely get him out from sitting in the middle of the garden.

Of course, there were lots of worms.  Jack doesn't mind holding bugs, (yet) and we took advantage of that!

I love this picture!!  No fear, Jack.

VOILA!!  Fresh salsa, anyone?

P.S.  The boys do have the cutes gifts for their grandmas, but they are not quite ready.  When they are, they will be so cute and I will post the results.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We are still working on getting things picture-worthy in the new place, but here are some fun things to keep everyone entertained. Dan put the boys' bunk bed together, and Jack spent his 1st night out of a crib. HE LOVED IT! The loud laughter that we usually hear coming from the room for at least an hour only lasted about 20 minutes. He even slept longer the next morning. And for those wondering about Josh's success on the top, he loves it, and NO, he did not fall off. He can't since he's basically sleeping in a box.

Josh is our little singer, and loves using the different instruments he can find. This new interest of his really came to life when I found a little microphone that has an echo effect. 

Again, Josh makes us laugh with his wiggle-butt dance!!