Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gifts for Moms

Happy Mother's Day!

Last week, I came home to a great surprise.  Dan had been watching and waiting for the perfect deal on a piano for 3 months, and this was it.  The quick history of it is that it was a gift from a father to a daughter 50 years ago, moved around the country, and never played.  The couple selling were desperate to sell it before an overseas move, and Dan only paid $200!!  
Thank you Dan.  I LOVE IT!!

For my mom's gift, Jason and Thomas had the great idea to plant her veggie garden while she went out of town.  My boys and I decided to help.  

After the big boys did all the heavy labor, and the shopping, Josh and I went to work putting the plants in the ground.  He was so careful with each plant as he lowered it in to the hole.  The he would yell, "next one!"

It only took a few minutes for Josh to get over getting his hands dirty.  As we finished up, we could barely get him out from sitting in the middle of the garden.

Of course, there were lots of worms.  Jack doesn't mind holding bugs, (yet) and we took advantage of that!

I love this picture!!  No fear, Jack.

VOILA!!  Fresh salsa, anyone?

P.S.  The boys do have the cutes gifts for their grandmas, but they are not quite ready.  When they are, they will be so cute and I will post the results.


Heather B said...

Your boys make me excited for my little boy! No way would Hayley hold a worm in her hand. Or play in the dirt for that matter.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Those pictures are so great. I'm glad you posted them! Can't wait to see you guys and your new place. :)

Erin said...

What a great mother's day gift! Looks like fun.

Emily said...

Awesome mother's day gift! I can't wait to get a piano, it's such an essential part of a home. Happy Mothers Day!