Thursday, October 30, 2008

Many Halloween Posts...

...are flooding my blog! So here's what we did today, on this Halloween Eve.


Josh was exploding with excitement at the thought of opening the pumpkin. 
(hmm, future cadaver cutter Uncle Ry Ry?)

Josh would have nothing to do with all the goo last year, but was all over it this time...

...or it was all over him! 
He helped clean out all 4 pumpkins.

Josh's finished product. He told me where to to the eyes, nose, and mouth. 
It's smiley just like him!

Jack, however, did not love the surprisingly slimy goop in the pumpkin.

After this face was done, we realized how inspired it was when we held it up for 
Jack to see. Could they be any more similar? Ha!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods...

We made the drive to (and back from) Cloverdale, CA to visit "Granny" and "Boppa." We had a great week, where it was very warm, relaxing, and full of family visits. Even Jack made history when he started walking after just arriving! 

The boys also got oohed and ahhed at by Granny's coworkers. (Hi Ladies!)

So here are some of the fun things we did:

Josh had a fun surprise: a Lightning McQueen sleeping bag. He was literally "in" heaven while he slept!

The boys also found some new toys to keep them busy. Building a knocking over towers (again and again) is the best!

Don't you love this picture. We would tell them to go watch for Boppa to come home, or look for the cat and they would glue themselves to the screen door.

Jack had lots of time to practice his new skill.

Hanging out in Granny's yard.

The boys had fun decorating Granny's house. The little window decals came home with us, and are on a different window at least twice a day. Keeps things interesting!

The boys also got to help pick out the perfect pumpkins for Granny and Boppa, as well as for Aunt Noma and Uncle Gary. We were so happy that GG got to come with us!

Jack really wanted this one, and was willing to roll it across the patch just to have it!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Must Love Music

Although I have lots of CA pics to post, these are hilarious videos that are post-road trip. I love my boys so much, and the fact that music is a big part of their (our) lives is even better.

Laugh out loud...

(Justin Timberlake's 'Sexy Back' has Timbeland yelling "yeah" in the background... it's kinda quiet)

(ever see 'Caddyshack'?)

Monday, October 13, 2008

California Freedom

So I have decided that if you put a stubborn, refusing-to-walk baby (15 month old) in a car for 14 hours, he or she will start brainstorming all of the things he/she would do if they were set free. In Jack's case, he decided he'd start walking! 

We had not even been here more than a few hours when Jack took off after a giant exercise ball. Dan's aunt and uncle were here as well, which made our CA family very lucky to be a part of this historic event! 


Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My friend Cat listed some of her quirks, then tagged a few friends to do the same. Whether or not I was the Lindsey she meant, it made me start to list mine anyway. I realized that most of mine are all sleep-related. I am crazy! No wonder I'm sleep deprived most of the time...

1. I have to blow my nose until it is TOTALLY clear right before I go to sleep. This quirk leads to the next one.

2. I cannot tolerate any nose-whistling from myself or Dan. The poor guy has been woken up a few times to blow his nose just so I can fall asleep. Again, this leads to the next one.

3. As I am trying to fall asleep, there cannot be any type of ticking, dripping, or any other constant or repetitive sound. (hence, the constant whistling nose) I have even hidden clocks or watches that tick if I am staying somewhere other than my house. There are no ticking clocks in my house!

4. I cannot have my nose or mouth covered as I sleep, no matter how cold it is. So whenever I am camping, I get very good at covering my whole head except for a hole large enough for my mouth and nose. Was I smothered as a child? 

5. (okay last sleeping one) I can't fall asleep if I am facing Dan, who is facing me. This actually started when I was little. It was the same at sleep-overs and girl's camp. I used to have some friends that were sisters, and when we'd have sleep-overs they would make me sleep in the middle. It was torture for me, and I doubt I ever slept those nights!

6. I NEVER forget a face. This sounds over confident, but it's so true. I have remembered a face from my kindergarten class, though it took me a few hours before it came to me. So if I say "I know that person," Dan knows that I always do and will figure it out in the next 24 hours!

I am glad that I get to stop at 6, because I could keep going! This was funny to think about, so anyone who reads this is considered tag. (especially Larrie, who is always quirky! HA!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas

Yep, I "borrowed" the title. It has 2 meanings, though. The first is that today we came home, and the second is that we did leave hot Vegas to find Autumn.
Here is proof that you can find the fall in Las Vegas, and much cooler temperatures, 
(69 degrees) if you are willing to drive far enough. We drove up to Mt. Charleston to 
hike and picnic.

Besides being shocked at the HUGE drop in temperature, we also found a waterfall. Okay, it was a trickle, but it was coming from somewhere! Josh was a good, little hiker, with some help from Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ryan. Poor Jack just had to stare at the back of Dan's head!

This was how Jack looked most of the time in the car. Lucky us!

Josh really did fall asleep like this. Doesn't he look so cool with his shades?! 

This road trip was so successful that we are driving to northern CA in 10 days...