Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My friend Cat listed some of her quirks, then tagged a few friends to do the same. Whether or not I was the Lindsey she meant, it made me start to list mine anyway. I realized that most of mine are all sleep-related. I am crazy! No wonder I'm sleep deprived most of the time...

1. I have to blow my nose until it is TOTALLY clear right before I go to sleep. This quirk leads to the next one.

2. I cannot tolerate any nose-whistling from myself or Dan. The poor guy has been woken up a few times to blow his nose just so I can fall asleep. Again, this leads to the next one.

3. As I am trying to fall asleep, there cannot be any type of ticking, dripping, or any other constant or repetitive sound. (hence, the constant whistling nose) I have even hidden clocks or watches that tick if I am staying somewhere other than my house. There are no ticking clocks in my house!

4. I cannot have my nose or mouth covered as I sleep, no matter how cold it is. So whenever I am camping, I get very good at covering my whole head except for a hole large enough for my mouth and nose. Was I smothered as a child? 

5. (okay last sleeping one) I can't fall asleep if I am facing Dan, who is facing me. This actually started when I was little. It was the same at sleep-overs and girl's camp. I used to have some friends that were sisters, and when we'd have sleep-overs they would make me sleep in the middle. It was torture for me, and I doubt I ever slept those nights!

6. I NEVER forget a face. This sounds over confident, but it's so true. I have remembered a face from my kindergarten class, though it took me a few hours before it came to me. So if I say "I know that person," Dan knows that I always do and will figure it out in the next 24 hours!

I am glad that I get to stop at 6, because I could keep going! This was funny to think about, so anyone who reads this is considered tag. (especially Larrie, who is always quirky! HA!)


Sarah said...

These are hilarious! I love finding out funny random things about people.

Anonymous said...

Linds... I thought I had "issues" with sleep, but now I know that mine are minor. Hahahahaha. that's quality
How did you ever sleep when we spent the night at my sister-in-law's mom's house during senior assassination? I might have forgotten to blow my nose before crashing on the couch. mwahaha

Aaron & Amy Norton said...

ditto on everything but the nose blow before bed. Once (before knowing it had such a loud tick) I bought a plain white clock for our newly-wed bedroom, thought I was being all crafty-painted the outer border to match our room, hung it, and the second-hand kept me up all night, after trying to cope with it, it was thrown in the garbage, my clock in our room is now digital...and yes aaron and i have to face away, and i kick him is he starts clicking his tongue when he breathes (he's a mouth-breather-deviated septum guy)...yeah...i'll stop there, already tmi!