Thursday, February 24, 2011

Turning 30 - part 1

I'm going to be honest. For me, turning 30 was hard. But not for the getting-older reasons. I was just sad not to have family or friends around... and really, it would have been awesome to have had someone plan me a surprise party for the big 3-0. Selfish? Maybe.

I envisioned many scenarios with being able to fly certain people to come help me celebrate: sisters, mom, mom & sisters, a certain bestest girlfriend... None of them were budget-friendly.

But don't worry. It turned out great. I started in to my 30's with my forever best friend - hubby. He arranged for a special visitor to come stay with the kids so we could "run away" for a night!

So we drove up to the Twin Cities. And you know, the 2 1/2 hour drive seemed amazingly short when there were no kids to tend to! The drive along the half-frozen Mississippi River is just beautiful. But, it was about 10 degrees and stopping to take pictures was NOT tempting at all.

Our hotel was pretty normal-blah-looking during the day, but when we returned (late) that night, it was a lot of fun! You would have thought we'd arrived in Vegas. It was a great hotel, btw, with a huge, comfy bed! (and 15 minutes from everything)

Can I just say, "WHAT THE WHAT?" When did I become SO old that popular stores are using 1981, my birth year, as a vintage-sounding title? Has anyone else seen this?!?
(yes, we were at The Mall of America again!)

We had a fabulous dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. And you know, I would totally make that drive just to go there again!! Can you see the chocolate birthday wishes around the edge of the plate? So fun!
(ps, it was -15 when we left the restaurant and then headed to a late movie... COLD)

I have no explanation for this. But if you lived where it was below ZERO all winter long, you'd need a new hobby to... I guess.

And thank you to the man, Grampa Russ, that made our getaway possible! Everyone was happy and thriving when we returned. (and mostly I mean Russ!!) Those kids can make one nutty.

Thank you to those who made my birthday special, even from miles and miles away.
I love you all.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Past-time

After our visit from Granny and Grampa Dan, Josh has been spending his free time with this game!

After his first day at 4K preschool, which is over 3 hrs in WI, he ran in and said, "Mom, I have to go dance." (or something like that) My new favorite phrase I hear now is "Jack, come dance with me." Jack doesn't get in to it very often, but it does motivate him at other times...

So the game above inspired THIS:

...which then inspired THIS.
(My boys are fantastic at gettin' down!)

Untitled from Lindsey Montague on Vimeo.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Day

How do you get such yummy looking Valentine's Day cookies?

First, you need some cute little helpers... this girlie of mine who is constantly rearranging my kitchen drawers. (specifically my cooking utensils... it makes for a scavenger hunt every time I need something)

Josh was my expert cookie-cutter-user. And thank you to Granny and Grampa Dan for the fun cutters!!

Jack also loves to help in the kitchen, but especially when the end result is COOKIES!

Loading them on the pan.

Oh, and the best part for sure - FROSTING!!

Grampa Dan can attest to the fact that when you start taking pictures of Layla, she DEMANDS for more! Every time I would stop and stand up, she would start to yell at me.


Happy Love Day
What a gorgeous way to end it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thank You

Thank you to the endorphins that rushed through my brain this morning, making everything swirly.

Thank you to the warm spell, allowing me to stretch my waking muscles in front of the open door.

Thank you to the birds who have brave this harsh winter and create beautiful songs for my new routine.

Thank you to the squirrels who hopped from tree to tree, bringing the dead branches to life.

...and thanks to the 3 kids who AMAZINGLY did not disturb me during the much needed Me-time!