Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Past-time

After our visit from Granny and Grampa Dan, Josh has been spending his free time with this game!

After his first day at 4K preschool, which is over 3 hrs in WI, he ran in and said, "Mom, I have to go dance." (or something like that) My new favorite phrase I hear now is "Jack, come dance with me." Jack doesn't get in to it very often, but it does motivate him at other times...

So the game above inspired THIS:

...which then inspired THIS.
(My boys are fantastic at gettin' down!)

Untitled from Lindsey Montague on Vimeo.


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

So awesome!! We watched both videos several times and Grace loved it. She danced a little just watching them get down. :) I cant believe how big they look! I miss you guys.

Dawn said...

I have really cool grandkids!!

Emily said...

Get those kids in some hip hop classes! :)

The funny thing is that I misread that first line of your post and thought it said that Dan spends all his free time with this game. I looked at the game title and thought, "sure, I can see that" but than went back and re-read the sentence and had to laugh.

Mama Adrienne said...

Love to see those boys dance! What a perfect song for them to! They do get down!

Teresa said...

That's so fun! Josh sure looks tall! reserved...but so dang smooth!