Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Past-time

After our visit from Granny and Grampa Dan, Josh has been spending his free time with this game!

After his first day at 4K preschool, which is over 3 hrs in WI, he ran in and said, "Mom, I have to go dance." (or something like that) My new favorite phrase I hear now is "Jack, come dance with me." Jack doesn't get in to it very often, but it does motivate him at other times...

So the game above inspired THIS:

...which then inspired THIS.
(My boys are fantastic at gettin' down!)

Untitled from Lindsey Montague on Vimeo.


Ryan & Jamie said...

So awesome!! We watched both videos several times and Grace loved it. She danced a little just watching them get down. :) I cant believe how big they look! I miss you guys.

Dawn said...

I have really cool grandkids!!

Emily said...

Get those kids in some hip hop classes! :)

The funny thing is that I misread that first line of your post and thought it said that Dan spends all his free time with this game. I looked at the game title and thought, "sure, I can see that" but than went back and re-read the sentence and had to laugh.

Mama Adrienne said...

Love to see those boys dance! What a perfect song for them to! They do get down!

Teresa said...

That's so fun! Josh sure looks tall! reserved...but so dang smooth!