Friday, July 24, 2009

The Next Generation

This is just a silly video of why people have kids - to teach them the ways of our own childhood.
Can you name the groups that the "songs" came from?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack Jack!!


Jack turned 2!! Soon, he will be a big brother and life will be very different for him...

Jack has a very quiet side to him, and can easily sneak in the same room without anyone knowing.  He can also show his excitement over any large truck, plane, helicopter, etc., with his attention-getting yell.

Jack loves:
bananas, balls, trains, dogs, watermelon, cookies, anything that holds water (yes, toilets too), waffles, brushing his teeth, going for walks, wrestling with his dad and big brother, cuddling in bed with mom

Jack, we love you so much!! 

(and yes, we are keeping his hair long so stop asking...)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Jumpin' June

The biggest news of this month, is that I am officially unemployed!!  I am excited to be at home now, though I may have to remind myself of that at time...  With baby #3 coming, I will have more than just my 2 hands full, and it is time for me to be with my family full time.

But here are some things that kept us busy this month:

The Air Show at Hill Air Force Base

This could not have kept our boys more entertained!  It was hot, and we didn't take any chairs/blankets.  Next year we will be there early, and way more prepared.

The whole Goates family was in town, and then we left to go stay at Bear Lake.  We ventured down in to the Minnetonka Cave.  You can see how thrilled Jack was by the end!

What's a family trip without competition?  There was also ping-pong and basketball.  Even Josh and Jack got in on the air hockey action.

With some new toys to keep the boys entertained, the theme of the week was 'doctors.'

This was just a cute picture from our final lunch together at Cafe Rio.  Josh may not give his aunts real kisses, but eskimo ones will do.

And for a quick little blag, here is one of the Father's Day gifts that Dan whipped up on his sewing machine.  This specific pillow, with accessory pockets (for glasses, remotes, etc) was for his stepdad.  The other 2 were also monogrammed to personalize it to each "boppa."

Good Job Dan!!