Monday, August 31, 2009

So Long Nanas Dotes

Thomas Goates is:
*the baby bro of my family
*an uncle that will drop plans to come help with my boys
*incredibly mature, kind, honest, spiritual... I could keep going
*a great, dedicated athlete, student, employee, and friend
*an amazing example of how I want my boys to live
*very ready for this mission
*leaving on Wednesday to serve an LDS mission in Argentina

We Will Miss You Thomas

Monday, August 24, 2009

Josh Says...

This week Josh is being screened for his speech, since I think it's delayed enough to qualify for some therapy. (free through your local school district)  In the past few months, he really has made some amazing progress, but he still struggles with leaving consonants out of words, switching letter-sounds, and some other issues.

Here are some of the phrases he says now that we LOVE that probably won't be around once his speech is "fixed."

"I luf that." (for anything he loves and wants)
"One moy, please." (one more please)
"I haf to nee-nee."  (I have to pee pee)
"I luf orns." ( I love orange) - his favorite color ever
"Dust keep tying."  (Just keep trying)
"Not want to." (I don't want to)
"Woosy" (Lucy)
Winzy (Lindsey/Lynsie)
Wevi (Levi)
Nanas Dotes (Thomas Goates)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Montague Camp-Out

Mirror Lake

Our family spent the last couple of days up at Mirror Lake with "Boppa Yuss, Aunt Winsey, and NaNa Wevi."  (g-pa Russ, Aunt Lynsie & Uncle Levi)  It was beautiful, but pretty darn cold.  If only I had known it is one of Utah's highest elevated spots...

The cold never stops our boys from having a good time. Jack, who we know loves water, would get so excited whenever we walked down by the lake, and would yell out "ya-ya." (water)

Everyone in our little camp tried and tried to catch some fish. We did eat one small one that Dan caught, but couldn't return to the lake. Mmm. Super fresh.

Josh was allowed to bring up his outside cars and trucks, yet somehow all of his Cars characters found their way in to his things. They were lined up, buried, raced, and filled with dirt. A boy's dream!

Jack just loved being outside for 3 straight days! He collected rocks, watched the birds, walked along the tops of logs, and at one point even lost a shoe and just kept going without mentioning it to anyone. He was completely content.
Josh also had a great time!

What's the other best part about camping? The yummy food!! Thanks Lynsie for all the help and extra snacks from your garden. I owe everyone a lunch since we left early on Tuesday.


Like I said, everyone tried and tried to make the big catch.  Josh and Jack spent a few minutes with their pole and each caught some little fish. Josh knows that the secret is saying, "Here fishy, fishy!" Try it next time.

Little Jack was glued to uncle Levi our last night.

I love this picture!!

Here are my silly boys causing trouble while the rest of us were cleaning and packing up. Between the two of them pulling on it, I was sure the sign post was going to snap right off! They really were good campers.  

Thanks Montagues. (Todd, we missed you) We had tons of fun!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let Go Dad!

Josh, just 3 1/2, got his first big boy bike. Anyone who knows him well, knows that his favorite color is... orange.  Yet all he wanted was a red bike, with a bell.  Well, Dan got 1 out of 2. In typical Dan fashion, he found 2 kids bikes (Josh's being a K2) at the DI for $20 - total. The second bike is put aside for Jack.

Do you remember how your first bike's brakes were done by pushing backwards on the pedals? I totally remember being frustrated with that 'cause I would accidentally push back as I tried to learn to go forward. Josh had the same issues, but he has the most determined personality and  never got discouraged. 

He looks so big on that bike!! 

The grand finale is watching him successfully pedal in front of our house.  He giggled most of the time, and Jack was always just a few feet away showing off his own skills.  We are so proud of Josh.  And, Jack loves having the little bike all to himself.

How do we know this is the perfect time for Josh to have a bike?  On the second time "up" the sidewalk, Josh called out, "Let go Dad!"