Friday, April 30, 2010

THIS... the kind of dog we want.
(in a year or so)

What is it, you ask? 

A special breed-mix of a Chihuahua and a Dachsund.


(Say the name a couple of times and tell me it isn't the CUTEST thing ever!)

Modern Family




I am watching them on Hulu, and trying to laugh quietly since it's nap time!

Favorite line so far:

"I will always remember him as the stranger holding my baby."

Monday, April 26, 2010

Sibling Training

Come to the

Montague Big-Sis/Bro Training Camp

...where our "pros" teach specialized courses in:

*helping with bathing*

Here, Oldest-Brother Josh is teaching soon-to-be Big Sis Lucy how to clean off all of the day's spit-up stains and smells.

Pictured above is Older-Brother Jack teaching a great strategy for night-time-soothing baths.

Occasionally, our staffers will allow themselves to be practiced on to give critical feedback for soon to be siblings.

Jack is quick to remind his trainees not to wrap anything around a baby's neck, even a towel after a bath.

Lucy wasn't afraid to participate!!

Layla is our baby-in-resident, and our official skill-tester. She is quick with a smile if a job is done right.

Another skill taught:
*nap time duties*
Siblings should stage a comfortable sleeping environment, which means quiet voices and toys, and only the softest of blankets.

Final skill taught:
*play/TV/snack time*
Yes, a sibling should remember to take some time for him/herself. Being an older brother or sister can be quite exhausting.

Layla gave Lucy her official OKAY as all the "babies" were well cared for during this day of training.

Good luck to Lucy in her new role! 

*no real water was used during the "bath time"
*no babies or glow-worms were harmed during this training

Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter 2010

Again, a bit late. You'd think I had 3 kids or something...

Due to the fact that the "Easter Bunny" did not want to wake up at 6:00 AM to hide eggs, and that maybe [she] doesn't have the best memory these days, the kids only colored 11 eggs. (we broke the 12th!)

Jack LOVED dying the eggs. "Moe, peez." 

Josh also had a blast making his eggs bright.

Layla was only allowed to have these just for the picture, since we didn't need any more casualties.

From start to finish, the boys were giddy as they found all the PLASTIC eggs! It was fun to listen to them laugh about the "silly" hiding places.


Layla woke up after all the fun, but still enjoyed her own Easter basket.

Mmm. Doesn't this breakfast make your mouth water? Fresh bread with homemade strawberry jam, boiled eggs, and fresh berries with yogurt on top.
Seriously, my stomach just growled as I wrote that!


Easter night we went to the Goates' for more yummy food. I think Great-Grandpa Brent Goates was happy to be surrounded by such cute kids. (as sugar-wired as they were!)

We just can't get enough pictures of these 2!!

Despite the snow that fell that morning, we braved the outdoors for some family pictures. I secretly LOVE matching my kids clothes!!

And, finally, here is our family!! I love each of them so much. We had such a fun Easter this year. 

(don't ask me what Josh is doing...)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Late 20's?!

I am sad to say that I missed posting about Dan's b-day. 
(It has been so busy with St. George, Easter, kids, life... )

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!  Dan turned 30, but is going to continue to tell everyone that he is in his "late 20s'!"




We love your silliness, example, love for the outdoors, patience, forgiving nature, laid-back attitude, and how much you love us.

Here's to the next 30 years...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Six Months Old

Thursday, April 8, 2010

St. George - the end

Grace and Layla would like to tell you about the last little bit of their trip to St. George.

(isn't Gracie's look pretty thug?!)

We got to show off our new swimsuits when everyone decided to go swimming. Apparently, someone was making a silly face to make us laugh. Mission accomplished!

Grace: Layla, why were your lips blue?
Layla: Because it was frickin' freezing!
Grace: Hmph, I didn't notice... wimp!!

No, we DID NOT get in the hot tub! But, this was the only water that Josh and Jack would touch. I think Jack would only put his feet in, and that's it.

Later, we met up at the St. George temple.

Look at me. I am GORGEOUS!!! 
(I'm not sure where Grace was, so the camera was all mine!)

You would think these guys were our body guards, with faces like that. Don't mess with Jack when he's sick and Josh without a nap...

Look boys, we can wrestle to!!

(This is Layla's mom's FAVORITE shot of the trip!)

Thanks to Aunt Jamie for taking all of these wonderful shots. It was so fun to vacation with you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. George - Day 2

Here is what we did the next day in sunny St. George:

Josh LOVES his cousin Grace, and was having so much fun making both babies giggle.

Once the wind died down, we took lunch to the sand dunes in Snow Canyon. The response from our boys were surprising...

Josh could have stayed there FOREVER!!

Jack was less than happy, and within 10 minutes of finding a spot to sit, fell over completely asleep!! It made the hour a bit nicer for the rest of us.

(he was still pretty sick, poor guy)

Dan showed those hills what was up.

(he also brought LOTS of red sand back in all of his pockets!)

Layla is quite the fan of the hiking pack. She also fell asleep once we got there.

We are such a good looking family!!