Tuesday, April 6, 2010

St. George - Day 2

Here is what we did the next day in sunny St. George:

Josh LOVES his cousin Grace, and was having so much fun making both babies giggle.

Once the wind died down, we took lunch to the sand dunes in Snow Canyon. The response from our boys were surprising...

Josh could have stayed there FOREVER!!

Jack was less than happy, and within 10 minutes of finding a spot to sit, fell over completely asleep!! It made the hour a bit nicer for the rest of us.

(he was still pretty sick, poor guy)

Dan showed those hills what was up.

(he also brought LOTS of red sand back in all of his pockets!)

Layla is quite the fan of the hiking pack. She also fell asleep once we got there.

We are such a good looking family!!


natalie said...

You do have such a good looking family! I was thinking that same thing when I was looking at the last picture. :)

Lindsey Montague said...
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Lindsey Montague said...

Well, we are even bigger now since I was the nerd who couldn't figure out the picture-issue. So look at us ALL you want!!!

And you gotta LOVE how pasty-white we are against the red sand. Well, all the time really!