Thursday, April 8, 2010

St. George - the end

Grace and Layla would like to tell you about the last little bit of their trip to St. George.

(isn't Gracie's look pretty thug?!)

We got to show off our new swimsuits when everyone decided to go swimming. Apparently, someone was making a silly face to make us laugh. Mission accomplished!

Grace: Layla, why were your lips blue?
Layla: Because it was frickin' freezing!
Grace: Hmph, I didn't notice... wimp!!

No, we DID NOT get in the hot tub! But, this was the only water that Josh and Jack would touch. I think Jack would only put his feet in, and that's it.

Later, we met up at the St. George temple.

Look at me. I am GORGEOUS!!! 
(I'm not sure where Grace was, so the camera was all mine!)

You would think these guys were our body guards, with faces like that. Don't mess with Jack when he's sick and Josh without a nap...

Look boys, we can wrestle to!!

(This is Layla's mom's FAVORITE shot of the trip!)

Thanks to Aunt Jamie for taking all of these wonderful shots. It was so fun to vacation with you.


Bart and Michelle said...

Okay...they are too cute!! How fun to have girls so close in age!

Amanda said...

great pictures!

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

What a fun post! I laughed at the pool commentary. haha I love our girls. And seriously, Layla is so beautiful! I love those pictures. Glad they turned out even though I'm still figuring stuff out.

Dawn said...

What beautiful pictures I love them, and I love these kids.. And I'm glad that there is now some proof that I was there too.

Lindsey Montague said...

Mom, I just wasn't sure if the pool picture was the one that you'd appreciate... so I took a chance. But it's a good one!