Monday, April 26, 2010

Sibling Training

Come to the

Montague Big-Sis/Bro Training Camp

...where our "pros" teach specialized courses in:

*helping with bathing*

Here, Oldest-Brother Josh is teaching soon-to-be Big Sis Lucy how to clean off all of the day's spit-up stains and smells.

Pictured above is Older-Brother Jack teaching a great strategy for night-time-soothing baths.

Occasionally, our staffers will allow themselves to be practiced on to give critical feedback for soon to be siblings.

Jack is quick to remind his trainees not to wrap anything around a baby's neck, even a towel after a bath.

Lucy wasn't afraid to participate!!

Layla is our baby-in-resident, and our official skill-tester. She is quick with a smile if a job is done right.

Another skill taught:
*nap time duties*
Siblings should stage a comfortable sleeping environment, which means quiet voices and toys, and only the softest of blankets.

Final skill taught:
*play/TV/snack time*
Yes, a sibling should remember to take some time for him/herself. Being an older brother or sister can be quite exhausting.

Layla gave Lucy her official OKAY as all the "babies" were well cared for during this day of training.

Good luck to Lucy in her new role! 

*no real water was used during the "bath time"
*no babies or glow-worms were harmed during this training


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I have to say, I'm definitely glad that no glow worms were harmed. I was a bit worried.
Hehe. Fun post, Linds!

Dawn said...

I am still laughing....! I am impressed with the amount of cooperation between them all. Good job.

Lindsey Montague said...

I should have mentioned that all of this play was totally kid-made. Layla and I were just on the sidelines watching. All I did was supply the washcloths and towels.

Very creative kids!

Tim (of Tanya and Tim fame) said...

Where do I sign up and how much? I'm especially interested in the snack time program.

Amanda said...

what creative kids! so adorable

Erin said...

cute idea!

Juliann said...

Can Lucy come over every day? Maybe your kids could actually get her CLEAN, cause I can't!