Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I didn't realize... curious my comment about Layla's middle name (Hope) would make people. So let me satisfy you... or at least try to with an explanation. Please keep in mind that I am in no way uncomfortable sharing this. You (the reader) are either a friend or family.

Most of you know that Dan was self-employed all last year, trading on the foreign exchange markets. And all of you should know that along with the US Stock Market crashing last year, the world was also greatly effected. This began the downward spiral of our family's financial stability. Just as a company that is shutting down needs to walk away from certain things, so did we.
Towards the end of last year, we also felt that 2009 would be a good year to add another member of our family, but with my history of getting pregnant, figured it would be a while. When we found out our baby news, it was at the same time as Dan and I were making some pretty heavy and serious decisions. We thought, "why the heck would any sane couple have a baby during all of this mess?" 
Being very aware of the nation's struggles, and so many people suffering financially, we heard many stories of hopelessness and despair. But I can tell you honestly that Dan and I never felt those things. There was no room for fear, since it is a useless feeling and if one is consumed by it, cannot move forward. We came together as a couple, and counted our blessings - Josh and Jack, the coming baby, and the knowledge of eternal families. Nothing else mattered.  
So when we knew our baby was a girl, and as we thought of names, 'Hope' seemed so appropriate. We knew that we had put many material things aside, but none of it mattered when counting our family as the most valuable of our possessions. We knew that Layla came to us during that time to keep our minds focused on all of those facts, and all we felt was hope for a more positive future. (really, there was nowhere to go but up!)
We are doing great! We have been so blessed as a family, but also as individuals. Dan was fortunate enough to get rehired by Wells Fargo in February, and so many doors have been opened for him. We love being back in our favorite neighborhood - Sugar House. We are loving getting to know our new neighbors, going to some great parks, and being closer to my parents and other family. 
We are happy. 

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lucky Shots?

Dan, being the KING of finding a deal, came home with a b-ball hoop he found for $2 at a yard sale. It is now just one more thing to, hopefully, help keep the boys busy during the winter... and in the basement when mom needs a break!

I literally said "go," and both boys did this...

And, not to be outdone by her brothers, Layla shares her talent for being cute and posing herself for pictures! I did not move her arm there. This is the infamous left hand that she loves by her face so much that she entered the world with it all balled up by her cheek. (she had a lovely blue bruise for a few days) But, who says that we can't have more blue just because we had a girl?!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Layla's Day

Welcome Layla Hope Montague!

Our baby girl joined our family on October 9 around 2:00 pm... after a way too long labor! She weighed 6'15 and was 19 1/2 inches. To me, she immediately looked similar to Jack. She has changed a lot since the hospital, so you can decide.

Who wants details? (if not, skip to the next picture!)
*started natural labor Thurs night at 11:30 - 12 days early
    *around 6 hours later my contractions stopped - what?!  (started oxytocin)
*a few hours after that, we learned that my water had not completely broken
*within an hour of re-breaking the water, Layla arrived - WHEW!
(total time in labor - 14 1/2 hours... no epidural)

Dan has used the word "cute" more than ever as we started getting ready to introduce a girl to our very blue/truck/sports-filled world. Even Josh has added it to his vocabulary. Layla will probably get anything she wants out of her softy-daddy!!

Because of the new policy of no kids at the hospital, Josh and Jack waited and waited to see their new sister. The first thing Josh did when he ran in the door was run to grab the stuff he knew was Layla's (toys, blankets, utensils, etc.) and showed them to her. Jack did the opposite of what I thought he'd do and wanted to just hold her and kiss her head! It was the sweetest thing ever, and I couldn't have been more proud as a mom. Holy cow, I have 3 kids!

This outfit was actually the one that Layla came home in, and was the very same that I wore as a newborn. It was from my Grandma Helen, who is not with us. She loved babies so much and I can even remember the unique way she would kiss their sweet cheeks. I always hoped that she would be able to meet my babies, but I know that she was probably right there to send them in to my arms. 

Here is our sweet Layla Hope. 
(maybe soon I will tell the story about why her middle name is Hope)