Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I didn't realize... curious my comment about Layla's middle name (Hope) would make people. So let me satisfy you... or at least try to with an explanation. Please keep in mind that I am in no way uncomfortable sharing this. You (the reader) are either a friend or family.

Most of you know that Dan was self-employed all last year, trading on the foreign exchange markets. And all of you should know that along with the US Stock Market crashing last year, the world was also greatly effected. This began the downward spiral of our family's financial stability. Just as a company that is shutting down needs to walk away from certain things, so did we.
Towards the end of last year, we also felt that 2009 would be a good year to add another member of our family, but with my history of getting pregnant, figured it would be a while. When we found out our baby news, it was at the same time as Dan and I were making some pretty heavy and serious decisions. We thought, "why the heck would any sane couple have a baby during all of this mess?" 
Being very aware of the nation's struggles, and so many people suffering financially, we heard many stories of hopelessness and despair. But I can tell you honestly that Dan and I never felt those things. There was no room for fear, since it is a useless feeling and if one is consumed by it, cannot move forward. We came together as a couple, and counted our blessings - Josh and Jack, the coming baby, and the knowledge of eternal families. Nothing else mattered.  
So when we knew our baby was a girl, and as we thought of names, 'Hope' seemed so appropriate. We knew that we had put many material things aside, but none of it mattered when counting our family as the most valuable of our possessions. We knew that Layla came to us during that time to keep our minds focused on all of those facts, and all we felt was hope for a more positive future. (really, there was nowhere to go but up!)
We are doing great! We have been so blessed as a family, but also as individuals. Dan was fortunate enough to get rehired by Wells Fargo in February, and so many doors have been opened for him. We love being back in our favorite neighborhood - Sugar House. We are loving getting to know our new neighbors, going to some great parks, and being closer to my parents and other family. 
We are happy. 


Barb said...

I'm so glad you are happy. You are right- when you have a healthy family, nothing else matters except being together. What a valuable attribute to instill in your family and new daughter!

katherine said...

love it. and i am glad you are so happy and just content! and i love her name, what sweet significance.

Catherine said...

I just love you Linds, and your Hope.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I'm glad you posted about that! It's good to have it written down so that Layla will always have it in your own words. :)

Emily said...

A name with meaning, what a great thing indeed! :)

Karen said...

Awesome story of how you named her! Congrats you guys! She is gorgeous!

Erin said...

There really is no other option than to hope. Rob and I are still traveling some pretty scary roads but I have found that getting upset only makes that road scarier. We know there is something better coming so the only thing left is to work for it, hope for it, and pray for it.

Thanks for the reminder.