Friday, September 24, 2010

More Midway!

Heber Creeper

Josh to conductor: "Do you know Thomas?"  (and not his uncle...)
Conductor: "Yes I do. I got to see him earlier this year."
The conductor then became the coolest adult on the train!

Boys. In. Heaven.

Okay, Grampa Goates was the other coolest guy on the train, since he (and gramma) arranged this for all of us "kids."

I had no idea the train passed Deer Creek Reservoir. Josh was glued to the window...

... and so was Jack!

Really, look at Josh's excitement in the way he's all scrunched up at the window!! I could have watched them stare out of the train all day.

Cascade Springs
This place was gorgeous. Enough said.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goates Family Reunion

First of all, I think we ALL fell in love with the Midway/Heber valley!! (some of us were even shopping for house layouts, neighborhoods, and adjusting quite well to the smallness of it!)

Jon & Dawn Goates
Dan & Lindsey & Josh & Jack & Layla Montague
Ben & Amanda & Owen Goates
Jason & Jacey Goates
Ryan & Jamie & Grace Turner
(we missed Elder Thomas Goates - still in Argentina)

It was a HUGE house, FULL of people, games, diapers, yummy food, laughter, laundry, books, and fun. I sometimes wonder how we fit SO much in to our trip! 


...seriously, YUMMY food the whole time we were there!!

Since my boys are in constant need of entertainment, which is much different than just having all the babies keeping themselves busy, we came up with some odd-looking, but time-consuming games!! 

Then we spent a fun, but windy, afternoon  at the Midway City Park. (yep, there's just one!)
And here we see that my girl is not afraid of sports!!

I am pretty sure that Josh LOVES being the oldest: brother and cousin. He loved making the babies laugh, loved pushing strollers, and feeding them "puffs."

This is the best action shot EVER!! Look closely at Jack's the-ball's-coming-at-my-face-expression! He is such a stud. (oh, and Dan too!)

So these 2 girlies kept us quite busy with infections... which lead to some vomiting, antibiotics, and nasty diapers! Gotta love traveling with babies.

Uncle Ryan and Jack-Jack. 
(gorgeous sky, right?)

Josh has the best pitcher's stance... which is appropriate since Dan played pitcher all through high school. 

...LOTS more to come!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

We've MOVED!

And now that I have internet, a working laptop, a camera that finally uploaded pics, AND a blog site that fixed my account, I can catch up on the last 2 1/2 months:

  • Layla crawling, standing, and cruising
  • Fall at the farm
  • Goates Family Reunion in Midway
  • Picture-tour of our new place
So until all those events are ready to be posted, enjoy this...
('cause I know you will!)