Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tumbling Toddler

Josh has been going to a tumbling class since January, when he turned 2. He is the youngest in the class, the only one who doesn't speak "English," but is the craziest jumper. Actually, it took him a few months to get the guts to jump without 
the help of his very cute teacher, (manipulation for the good-looking girl?) but now he can clear about 2 1/2 feet out. 

There are not usually this many kids, but this was his recognition day and all the classes were invited to get their awards.

See, crazy boy. Doesn't he look like a penguin sliding on ice?!

This is Josh's very cute teacher giving him the medal that he wore for the entire rest of the day.

Yeah for Josh!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Creative Josh

So now that Jack is crawling, my time is spent preventing all the accidents that accompany new, mobile babies. I barely have enough time to check my email or use the bathroom, let alone blog. I do, however, make sure to have my camera close by to capture the funny stuff that goes on in my home.

Lately, it's been all about finding Josh's creative sleeping spots.

Everywhere but his big, comfy bed, right...

I had to include a cute one of baby Jack too. Sometimes this boy will look as if he just collapsed from a sitting positions, and will be bent over in half.

Josh loves mommy's homemade play dough. No, he doesn't eat it. His most favorite things to create: "goggies," "fff," (fish) cars, planes, balls. He's such a boy.

Here's a "fff." (sometimes called "mehmo" = Nemo)

Thursday, June 5, 2008


  Just shy of his 1st birthday, Jack is crawling! I have to give credit to Josh, who really helped teach Jack how to do it. The entire day before, Josh was on his hands and knees all day pretending to be a baby lion. (at my request) I figured that Jack just needed a visual to get him started. The very next morning, he was giggling as he made his way around the basement and bedroom. 

  He is very proud of his new talent, but is still figuring out the rhythm and coordination of it all. The occasional faceplant does make him pretty frustrated, but he'll get it down soon.  The funny thing is that when he started crawling, Josh was so excited for him, yelling," YEAH!" But, Jack can now crawl right up to Josh and grab whatever he is holding. That makes him kinda mad, and confused.