Monday, March 31, 2008


Josh came down the stairs to find a shopping cart with some new toys, and one egg. As much as he wanted to open the one egg, since he had a feeling it had a candy in it, he was told to find some more colorful eggs first. 

The eggs were pretty much out in the open, all along the wall and windowsill, but it was still very exciting for this 2-year-old. (especially since the basement has been off limits for so long) He ran the eggs, one at a time, back to his shopping cart and then pushed it forward as he searched for more.

Here's the loot!

Jack was content to sit on the soft new carpet, drool, and suck on his new baby duck. He loves to watch big brother do whatever and share in his excitement by flapping his arms and breath really hard with his mouth side open! 

For Josh and Jack, Easter 2008 was a success.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lessons from a 2 year old

Dan and I are constantly realizing that toddlers just have life figured out, and that it's the adults on this planet that mess everything up by making things harder than they need to be.

Here are our favorite lessons:

Lesson 1 - Play hard; there are only a few waking hours in a day so live it up.
Lesson 2 - It's okay to look silly when you really don't care what others think anyway.

Lesson 3 - Love everyone and be genuine.
Lesson 4 - A mess is just as easy to clean up as it is to make, as long as it's fun.

Lesson 5 - Eat when you are hungry; don't eat when you are not.
Lesson 6 - Actions really do speak louder than words, especially when there is a language barrier.

Lesson 7 - Keep all the things that make you happy close by so they are there when you want to look at them.
Lesson 8 - Anything covered in sprinkles is just more fun to eat!

Jack, are you paying attention?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunny CA

After getting incredibly sick of snow, clouds, and cold weather, we decided to get away to southern CA for a few days. It was worth it for the adults, but still a bit chilly for the boys. Soaking up sun was still great even if some of us were in sweatshirts.

Baby Jack sees the ocean for the 1st time... since he slept during the visit to the Sea Ranch beach in November.

Fat feet! Guess who?

This little guy never ate sand, which was a huge success for us!

Josh loved the seagulls, so we staged a feeding frenzy with some extra peanuts.

Dan and Uncle Ryan worked so hard on those castles that Josh loved jumping on.