Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lessons from a 2 year old

Dan and I are constantly realizing that toddlers just have life figured out, and that it's the adults on this planet that mess everything up by making things harder than they need to be.

Here are our favorite lessons:

Lesson 1 - Play hard; there are only a few waking hours in a day so live it up.
Lesson 2 - It's okay to look silly when you really don't care what others think anyway.

Lesson 3 - Love everyone and be genuine.
Lesson 4 - A mess is just as easy to clean up as it is to make, as long as it's fun.

Lesson 5 - Eat when you are hungry; don't eat when you are not.
Lesson 6 - Actions really do speak louder than words, especially when there is a language barrier.

Lesson 7 - Keep all the things that make you happy close by so they are there when you want to look at them.
Lesson 8 - Anything covered in sprinkles is just more fun to eat!

Jack, are you paying attention?


Emily said...

How true! These are words to live by. Your boys are goofy and soo cute!