Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter 2010

Again, a bit late. You'd think I had 3 kids or something...

Due to the fact that the "Easter Bunny" did not want to wake up at 6:00 AM to hide eggs, and that maybe [she] doesn't have the best memory these days, the kids only colored 11 eggs. (we broke the 12th!)

Jack LOVED dying the eggs. "Moe, peez." 

Josh also had a blast making his eggs bright.

Layla was only allowed to have these just for the picture, since we didn't need any more casualties.

From start to finish, the boys were giddy as they found all the PLASTIC eggs! It was fun to listen to them laugh about the "silly" hiding places.


Layla woke up after all the fun, but still enjoyed her own Easter basket.

Mmm. Doesn't this breakfast make your mouth water? Fresh bread with homemade strawberry jam, boiled eggs, and fresh berries with yogurt on top.
Seriously, my stomach just growled as I wrote that!


Easter night we went to the Goates' for more yummy food. I think Great-Grandpa Brent Goates was happy to be surrounded by such cute kids. (as sugar-wired as they were!)

We just can't get enough pictures of these 2!!

Despite the snow that fell that morning, we braved the outdoors for some family pictures. I secretly LOVE matching my kids clothes!!

And, finally, here is our family!! I love each of them so much. We had such a fun Easter this year. 

(don't ask me what Josh is doing...)


Chachie32 said...

That is a GREAT family picture, Josh looks like he's a mime in a box. :) That breakfast is exactly what I would like to eat every day, that and oatmeal. I love breakfast!

Chachie32 said...

by the way, that last post, and this one is me posting under Nick's login. Chachie? Yes, he still uses it... (Emily J)

Erin said...

Cute Cute Pictures!