Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let Go Dad!

Josh, just 3 1/2, got his first big boy bike. Anyone who knows him well, knows that his favorite color is... orange.  Yet all he wanted was a red bike, with a bell.  Well, Dan got 1 out of 2. In typical Dan fashion, he found 2 kids bikes (Josh's being a K2) at the DI for $20 - total. The second bike is put aside for Jack.

Do you remember how your first bike's brakes were done by pushing backwards on the pedals? I totally remember being frustrated with that 'cause I would accidentally push back as I tried to learn to go forward. Josh had the same issues, but he has the most determined personality and  never got discouraged. 

He looks so big on that bike!! 

The grand finale is watching him successfully pedal in front of our house.  He giggled most of the time, and Jack was always just a few feet away showing off his own skills.  We are so proud of Josh.  And, Jack loves having the little bike all to himself.

How do we know this is the perfect time for Josh to have a bike?  On the second time "up" the sidewalk, Josh called out, "Let go Dad!" 


Catherine said...

Josh, way to go! You guys are the cutest family, I fell in love with them when we tended that week.

Barb Zinn said...

that is so cute! They are getting too big!

Erin said...

I love the giggling! Yay Josh!

Amanda said...

That comment that says Barb Zinn is really me. Sorry! :)

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Cute! Way to go Josh. Miss you guys!