Friday, February 18, 2011

Love Day

How do you get such yummy looking Valentine's Day cookies?

First, you need some cute little helpers... this girlie of mine who is constantly rearranging my kitchen drawers. (specifically my cooking utensils... it makes for a scavenger hunt every time I need something)

Josh was my expert cookie-cutter-user. And thank you to Granny and Grampa Dan for the fun cutters!!

Jack also loves to help in the kitchen, but especially when the end result is COOKIES!

Loading them on the pan.

Oh, and the best part for sure - FROSTING!!

Grampa Dan can attest to the fact that when you start taking pictures of Layla, she DEMANDS for more! Every time I would stop and stand up, she would start to yell at me.


Happy Love Day
What a gorgeous way to end it!


Emily said...

Cute pictures! Layla sure is growing up, she is beautiful and a diva. Your kids are all good at striking a pose, I love it.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I haven't seen pictures of Layla in awhile, or something, and I canNOT believe how different she looks! She's a little girl now, and so cute with all those teeth on the bottom. Miss you guys!

Dawn said...

Nothing makes this grandma happier than seeing those cute little faces enjoying Valentine's day festivities. Layla looks so much like her mommy did at that age, and she is growing up so fast...I need to get to know her again reallly soon.

Thanks for sharing the pictures...keep them coming.

Amanda said...

such great pictures! I'm glad you had a good day.

Catherine said...

I bumped into your mom at Smith's last night, and she told me about this adorable post. I love that Layla girl...just sad she's growing up in Wisconsin and not SLC, where I can see her! hehe No really, your mom said your new house is amazing, and it made me want to come visit you guys. :) I'm so glad you're doing well, Linds!