Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods...

We made the drive to (and back from) Cloverdale, CA to visit "Granny" and "Boppa." We had a great week, where it was very warm, relaxing, and full of family visits. Even Jack made history when he started walking after just arriving! 

The boys also got oohed and ahhed at by Granny's coworkers. (Hi Ladies!)

So here are some of the fun things we did:

Josh had a fun surprise: a Lightning McQueen sleeping bag. He was literally "in" heaven while he slept!

The boys also found some new toys to keep them busy. Building a knocking over towers (again and again) is the best!

Don't you love this picture. We would tell them to go watch for Boppa to come home, or look for the cat and they would glue themselves to the screen door.

Jack had lots of time to practice his new skill.

Hanging out in Granny's yard.

The boys had fun decorating Granny's house. The little window decals came home with us, and are on a different window at least twice a day. Keeps things interesting!

The boys also got to help pick out the perfect pumpkins for Granny and Boppa, as well as for Aunt Noma and Uncle Gary. We were so happy that GG got to come with us!

Jack really wanted this one, and was willing to roll it across the patch just to have it!


Ben said...

I seriously can't wait another month to see these boys. 6 months away is TOO LONG. ugh.