Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Kid You Not

This was our dinner conversation tonight:

Jack: (he had lost his shirt after spilling milk on it) "What are these little things, mom?"

Me: "Your nipples. Everyone has them."

Jack: "Josh, do you have pickles?" (seriously, without missing a beat)

Josh: (searching his fingers) "I think I have one right on this finger."

(by now I am totally laughing, and encouraging this to keep going)

Me: "Ask dad if he has pickles."

Jack: "Dad, are your pickles big or little?"

Josh: "Mom, you have really big pickles!"

Jack: "Mom, show your pickles to dad."

**This is where Dan and I at the same time started to envision teenage boys in our days dragging State and yelling: "Show me your pickles!" (we literally said it at the same time!)

Your welcome.


Amanda said...

oh man, this just made my day! Thank you!

natalie said...

I loved everything about this. Everything.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

bahaha! Ryan and I both laughed right out loud reading this. I feel like I was THERE. :) Love you guys.

Dawn said...

Is this some of the Wisconsin-ese that we have to look forward to, he he? The good thing is that Trempealeau has a very short state street.

Thanks for the laugh!

Opprorer said...

How shocking!!! All this time I was thinking this was a family friendly blog...tsk, tsk.