Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Dad


My dad's b-day was yesterday, Jan 28. We have a long-standing tradition to celebrate it on Superbowl Sunday, which will take place this Sunday. When Josh was born in January, it was as if their souls were linked in a way that is uniquely theirs. At a very early age, Josh would light up as my dad would enter a room. We all knew that when my dad was around, he would not go to any aunts or uncles, or even grandma. Jack loves his grandpa too.

This was at Jack's blessing. It is wonderful to have been raised by someone who holds the priesthood, and who uses it to continue to bless the lives of his out-of-home children. He will also be an example of that to his "future" generations.

For those who have never seen this pic, this is nothing compared to what he used to do to US, his own kids. I wasn't overly worried about it, since we all survived, but I know the in-laws were a bit nervous for their own future children!! (Josh was 6 months old here)

I also must say that I come from a line of other great men. My Grandpa Goates' b-day is on Monday. He is the one who married Dan and me in the SLC temple, the day before his own birthday. He tried to convince us to change our date so our reception would be a double celebration! My parents have carried on the tradition that my grandparents started, by taking their grandchildren for an overnight b-day celebration. Josh LOVED it!! We, as Grandpa Brent's grandkids, also have some wonderful memories of staying at his home. One of mine: Grandpa's "grand finale" pancake!

I Love You Dad!


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

This was so sweet! And it makes me super homesick.

Goates and Kids said...

I recently just found your blogspot. Fun to see the family. Hope to see you at grandpa's birthday on Monday. Miss seeing all of you. Darlene

Emily said...

What a nice post! It was great to spend time with you and your boys yesterday, I personally think that we should get together every time you are off-track, we could manage that much right? :)

Barb said...

You're moving to Sugarhouse? That's news!

Shauna said...

I love th picture with Grandpa Brent, priceless! Your dinner time sounds oddly familiar, like something I experince EVERYDAY! (Except the food that ends up on the table does't look nearly as yummy:)