Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birthday Boy!!


Our first-born is turning 3 on January 19. Not only was he our first baby, but the first grandbaby for most of his grandparents. He was cooing and communicating with us from his first few hours, and continues to tell us all sorts of things. (lately, he is repeating everything we say...) We didn't officially know what we were going to have that night 3 years ago, but I was sure it was a boy. Joshua Spencer Montague is an amazingly sweet boy to other kids, even to little brother, Jack. He has always been mature and responsible, as well as thoughtful and sensitive. It has been so much fun getting to know him!

Josh always has a smile for anyone, and one of the BIGGEST belly-laughs I have ever heard come out of such a small frame. It is contagious, and we have some of the best footage of it from when he was just 6 months old up to now.

Josh became a big bother when he was still just a baby himself, at 18 months. He was always the first one to Jack's aid when there was crying, to share a toy or Josh's own beloved "goggy" blanket. Jack is lucky to have Josh as his big brother

We learned what an amazing traveler Josh was when he was just 4 months old, driving to Idaho. Since then, we have flown to CA, camped in WY lots, and road-tripped to many other places. We were very blessed with such an easy-going baby, since we love to get out and see the world. We are excited to be able to do this with our family, since Josh sets a good example of a good passenger.

Josh has definitely inherited his dad's love for adventure. Josh can't just walk down stairs, he has to jump them... all. He can already do a 180 when he jumps off stair and curbs. He's a little skater/boarder in training!

Josh gets excited to do projects with mom, from creating animals with playdough, to making birdfeeders, to looking for worms in the garden. Even, though Josh refused to say "mama" until he was 2, I know that we have a very special bond.

Josh loves:
ALL animals, ice cream, all 3 "boppas," granny, grandma, his aunts and uncles, "Nee" (King), opening presents, making tents in his room, his blankets (that he's had since birth), watching home videos again and again, bubble baths, CARS, any sport with a ball, baby Jesus, his new Lightning McQeen pj's and shoes, being silly with Jack, getting a cookie at Harmons, balloons...........

We love you Josh!!


Amanda said...

so sweet! Miss you guys and hope he has a great birthday.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Happy Birthday to Josh!! We sure love him

Shauna said...

Happy Birthday to your first born! (This is cliche, but they do grow up too fast!) Sorry we missed you at Christmas!! It looks like you stayed busy, busy...I love the flour post, boys will be boys:)

Tanya said...

I totally get what you're saying about needing to read different kinds of books. I'll read several in a row of one genre and then get so sick of it I have to go the opposite direction. I'm glad to hear you liked the Constant Princess better. It makes me look forward to reading it that much more!