Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunt Amanda!

When we met Amanda, we instantly liked her and were so excited that she was joining our family. She is PERFECT for Ben, and has really "helped" him grow in to who he is today. (a better version of himself, and getting better all the time) But isn't that what spouses are for?!

As I was searching my computer for pics of Amanda, I really was at a loss. I feel bad that I don't have more. I know Jamie would, since she is the designated photographer. But, then I realized that I'm not surprised. Amanda has such a gracious, supporting personality that she is happy to not be front and center... like our entire family. (you know who you are!)

This was the day of Jamie and Ryan's wedding. Any wedding is exhausting, so don't think that Amanda isn't a smiley person. Plus, look at the huge favor she was doing me by taking Josh!!

Josh was pretty sneaky on Amanda's lap. He figured that no one would ever hear the chip bag as he tried to steal the contents within.

See, in this pic, I am almost positive someone who is biogically a Goates is telling some sort of (long) story! Just look at those patient faces.

We miss Amanda so much. She is a wonderful Aunt, and my boys LOVE her. We miss the way she pronounces certain words differently from us Utahns! She is a great example of patience, faith in the Lord, and sacrifice.

Happy Birthday!!


Amanda said...

you're so sweet. Thank you!