Saturday, September 20, 2008

Accepting Fall

I am always a little bummed to see summer go, because that means that the cold and snow are imminent. I LOVE the summer! But, there are some great things about the fall as well and I guess I will let it all come now:

  • Canyon drives with colorful leaves.
  • Home-made doughnuts on Halloween. Mmm.
  • The heat from cooking and baking won't make my house sweltering.
  • Trick-or-treating with my boys. (any costume ideas?)
  • I get to wear my favorite long sweater.
  • Christmas Shopping! (we have been getting that done by November and it's great)
  • Lighting candles again.  (ooh, time for spice scents)
  • Visits to our CA family. (so seeing vineyards' INCREDIBLE colors)
So, bring it Autumn.


Rusti said...

Well hello! I just saw your link on Tanya's blog and I had to stop by. I had no idea you had a little boy- congratulations! He's a doll!

The bottle was a tough thing with my little guy too! He looooved his baba! Congrats on letting it go. :)

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

You just made me miss home even more than I was 2 seconds ago... I REALLY really really really miss fall. It's not fall here. It doesn't LOOK or SMELL or FEEL like fall at all. And fall has always been my favorite time of year - it's honestly depressing to me. So enjoy it for me! I'm glad we got to do the pumpkin patch with you last year though :) I'll just look at our pics and pretend.

Erin said...

You guys look like you are doing great. I love how you post on your siblings birthdays. What a good idea.

Your boys are cute. They have awesome parents too.