Monday, September 8, 2008

The Last 5 Days...

We love to be busy, and this has been the best kind - family busy. In just the last 5 days we have been to the zoo, stayed in Park City, and had fun at the Utah State Fair. Whew!  I have to admit that we lucked out on discounted prices every where we went. For some reason the zoo was closing early and tickets were 1/2 off, the Alpine Slide prices are down for the season, and the fair tickets were also discounted for whatever reason. Yay for discounts!

Josh LOVED the reptile house. This was a poor, little lizard with only 3 arms that ran right to the window when it saw Josh. He thought that was the coolest thing ever!

Jack also got some attention from this cute little monkey. (totally forgot the name) They were giving each other high-fives!

Josh is loving elephants right now, and we were lucky enough to go during lunch time. He can re-enact for anyone how an elephant eats grass.

I will let you narrate this pose by Dan. Leave it in the comment box!

We took Josh up the ski lift to the top of the mountain to ride down the Alpine Slide. Nothing phases this kid. He didn't even notice, or care that he was 80 feet up in the air. It was just another normal day...

This was Jamie's b-day weekend, and she came to spend it with us! 

Josh would not let Dan touch the brake stick. So those two ended up going full speed the entire way, because they kept up with me and I never put on the brake. He kept yelling, "more, more!"

Every time we would get on the elevator, Jack would hold on for dear life! This was the most thrilling ride of his stay. (although, he would have loved the slide)

We couldn't just walk past the ponies without putting Josh on one. For those who know him, he LOVES animals. This pony is Thunder, and in this pic Josh is trying to get him to go faster.

For any other kid, the pony ride would have been the hit, but for Josh being able to walk right up to the goats and sheep and PET THEM was the most exciting thing ever. Even with tons of people-noise, Josh's "more" and "yeah" was heard above it all! He was in heaven.

We headed to the rodeo area, where teams of riders were racing time to gather 3 cows at a time (with the same #) and getting them to a pen. I have no clue what the term is. (Do you know, uncle Ryan?) But both boys, and even Dan and I, had fun watching it. 

I only include this pic to show what all the families were doing tonight at the fair: gorging themselves on "All you can eat ice cream." There were twice as many strollers along the other side. We did not partake.

The boys have VERY talented parents, who won them some stuffed prizes: Dan threw some balls for Josh's monkey, I threw darts at balloons for Jack's frog. Lucky boys!


Ben said...

Hey look, boys, let me show ya how your Daddy freak dances with an ape! See - work it, work it...back it up, back it up...

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

"The doctor said it would help if I stretched my arms out while I squatted, so here goes..."

And let me just say what a FUN WEEKEND we had! Thanks guys