Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've Been Tagged... you're IT.

20 Years Ago: 

1 - My family moved to Dana Point, CA. (for a year) We went to the beach almost every day!
2 - My 2nd grade teacher (in CA) went to jail for buying cocaine from an undercover cop. (a kid doesn't just forget something like that)
3 - I had a crush on John Pilkington, who sadly, I moved away from.

10 Years Ago:
1 - Senior year of high school; need I say more?
2 - I made the comment to my mom: "I don't want to marry anyone I know now." (hmm, came to pass)
3 - First gained a true testimony of the Book of Mormon.

5 Years Ago:
1 - Dan and I were making some awesome friends in Sugar House, have had fun watching their families grow.
2 - I was getting closer to graduating, and getting ready to be a teacher!
3 - I was diagnosed with PCOS, which answered a lot of questions.

3 Years Ago:
1 - Dan and I were headed to Hawaii for the first time!
2 - I was in love teaching kindergarten.
3 - All of a sudden, I was 10 weeks pregnant with Josh. (though we didn't know boy/girl until the end)

1 Year Ago:
1 - Baby Jack was almost 2 months old, and we were the parents of 2 boys!
2 - Dan, Jack and I met BEN HARPER in Boulder, CO!!
3 - I made the very hard decision to stop teaching for a while and be a full-time mom.

Last Week:
1 - Dan and I were flying in to Denver, Co for an adults-only getaway. 
2 - I made the goal to get back in to journaling, especially to recognize the Lord's hand in my life each day.
3 - Dan's sis got married! (well, a week and a half ago)

1 - I started my 3rd year in the Salt Lake Symphonic Choir.
2 - I chatted with my sisters and some friends on facebook! (1st time I've ever chatted on facebook)
3 - Got some warm, fall clothes for skinny, little Josh.

1 - We all went to the zoo, which was 1/2 off, then to Barbacoa for lunch. Mmm.
2 - Got tagged by Emily.
3 - Started on Amanda's b-day present.

1 - Cook one dinner for night in Park City, (yay!) and one for Dan's grandparents. (that sounded so check-listy)
2 - I will spend my hour at the gym, away from my noisy boys!
3 - Try to catch up on some Office episodes. (I'm a whole season behind)

Next Year: (whew, already?)
1 - Goates Family Trip. (we don't know where yet - maybe Bear Lake)
2 - We will say goodbye to Uncle Thomas, as he leaves for his mission.
3 - Our little family is gonna rent a house in Hawaii for a few weeks. Anyone wanna come?

The 3 that I tag are: 
Amanda Goates, Jamie Turner, and Natalie Shurtz. But I say everyone should take a bit of time and do it. It's kinda fun reflecting, and realizing (for me anyway) that it's easier to remember 10 years ago then what I did last week. I wonder what that means...


Emily said...

I agree with your last comment on this post! I usually HATE these tag things, but it is pretty fun to reflect on your life at these different stages. It is amazing how much life changes in a short time! Oh, if we fall into a money pit anytime soon, we will be going to Hawaii with you guys, ok?
I'm going to call you for a play date!

Amanda said...

Okay, your life is SO much more exciting than mine! :) fun to read

Aaron & Amy Norton said...

a few weeks in hawaii? yes...where do i sign?