Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kickin' the Bottle

Jack, we need to talk.

We've been concerned about you and your addiction to the plastic containers, and feel like it's time to give it up. Here are some of things we, your loving parents, have seen that have pushed us in this direction.

Your crazy music tastes have been heavily influencing your big brother.

Look at those red-rimmed eyes. Like you can hide from us, buddy.

The worst: passing out in hotel rooms. See, the bottle is even stuck in your hands.

Yeah, we feel that it has gone on long enough. We love you Jack, and this is all out of love!

(Jack has actually been off his bottles for about 3 days now... the transition has been okay)


Amanda said...

NOOOOO!!!!! That means he's getting too big!

Sarah said...

Lindsey! Your little ones are sooooo cute. I'm glad to know that you have a blog. Now we can keep in touch with facebook AND blogging!


p.s. our blog is:

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...


Melanie Sharp said...

Lindsey - it's been way too long since I saw you or your little family! I'm happy to be able to catch up via blog-world if nothing else. It sounds like things are going great for you and Dan. I'm so glad! We're expecting #2 in Nov., so I am great with child to say the least :-) My husband and I live just south of SF, so if you ever need a get-away, we'd love to see you in the bay area! Love you - Mel

Tina said...

Hysterical! I can't believe that your boys are so big. I only saw pics of Jack when he was a wee baby, it's crazy how time flies!

Lindsey Montague said...
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