Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am adjusting some of my 30x30 goals:

18. Create a new game for the kiddos.

This was originally planned to entertain my boys while we are stuck inside most days. But really, Jack so easily entertains himself. Josh is my issue-child. So, instead, I am "creating" some time each day to do school work/projects with him. I mean, why the heck do I have an ENTIRE kindergarten classroom packed up in my garage if I'm not gonna use it? Josh is so incredibly ready, and is spelling out words on his own. He shocks me all the time with what he can do, literacy-wise.
(this is also aiding in my #19: Give each child 45 minutes of my time... & #21: using my K resources...)

6. No more caffeine.

Did anyone think I was really going to do this?!? Well, what I have done is kick the crazed obsession I had to going out each day just to have my beloved Dr. Pepper. Like a crack-addict, I would just "find myself" in a convenient store. Or, I need gas... again. You get it. So since typing up my goals, I will allow myself my wonderful beverage IF we are out. And where we live, that is hardly ever now.

So there you go.


Emily said...

Oh thank heaven, you were setting the bar way to high on that caffeine one!