Friday, December 10, 2010

Our 'WI'nter Wonderland

You see how I did that with the state - WI - in the title!? You loved it.

We decided, with the warmer 28 degree weather today, that we would go play in the snow. It was sun-shiny and wind-less. WIN!

EVERY DAY, Josh says, "Mom, can we play outside after naps when it warms up?" My response, "Josh, it will never be warm here!"
So the boys were elated for some snow time!
(I even enjoyed getting some fresh air)

Josh wanted to get a shot of me and Jack. Aren't we just so cute!?

We have been watching these tracks appear all over the edge of our yard, and even around our entire house. Jack is convinced it's from a deer. Josh KNOWS they are from the elves... they are actually a stray cat's. But it was fun to follow them!

The snow here is SO powdery, which is bad for snowballs/snowmen-making, but great for sleds!!

(Jack using his entire body to pull Josh maybe 1 inch!)

So how did we end our excursion?

With hot chocolate & marshmallows, and freshly made (still warm) bread with jam!!
Of course.


Dawn said...

Brrr... But it looks so beautiful. It is great seeing the JOY on the faces of the boys (and the mom)...especially inside with the homemade bread and jam.

What a great mom.

Amanda said...

cute!! Love the pictures

Amy said...

Mmm looks heavenly!

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Aww, such a fun day! I can't believe how huge your yard is. Perfect for those kids. :)

Granny said...

How fun! It looks so beautiful. I LOVE your sunny kitchen/breakfast nook area.(was Layla napping?)

Dawn said...

P.S. I'm thinking that knit gloves aren't going to cut it with the temps you are going to get. I hope you have been able to get "north pole" gear for the troops.

Let me know if I can help.