Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 by 30 #3

THIS #3 is a tough one, but will be so rewarding.

I have once again started the South Beach Diet - phase 1. For those who think it's awful, it really isn't bad. I get to try new recipes while controlling my sugar cravings and losing weight. WIN WIN! Sure, I'll start wanting to bite in to a juicy apple by day 10, but then I'll only have 4 days to go. Anyway, you can keep up with me on my other blog.

Here is my request:

Send me some good egg-no-carb recipes. (using veggies would be great as well) I will get SO BORED of eggs.

I appreciate it!!


Barb said...

You can do it! I don't have any recipes but I will share that my in-laws have dinner type things for breakfast all the time. Perhaps that would work for you when you are sick of eggs?

Granny said...

Dan makes a really good breakfast with sausage, mushrooms, fresh baby spinach,onions (if on hand) and after they're cooked up a little he adds eggs that are whisked together and stirs it all up until the eggs are cooked. It's really good!