Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reunions - Part 1

I did NOT go to my 10-year HS reunion.
I'm not ashamed.
(especially since it was held 3 blocks from where I was living!)

But, who knew that I would have an awesome 11-year one instead?!

L-R: Larrie Cambell, Karen Smith Phippen, Alison Robertson Anderson, Me, Sabrina Savage Miller, Meghan Johnson, Natalie Allgood Sirmans

All of a sudden, MOST of the ladies I hung around with during high school happened to be in SLC for a while. (Natalia and Shanny, you were definitely missed as part of this pack)
So, we got our families together at Tanner Park, where we had the whole thing to ourselves. Perfect.

Larrie - LIBWSE, Senior Assassination, sneaking bad captions in to the yearbook (or wanting to)
Karen - well, always waiting for her!! and her great laugh (love ya Karen)
Alison - WAY TOO MANY since I have known her since kindergarten
Sabrina - I always thought of her as very smart ('cause she is)
Meghan - late nights running around the capitol hill area
Natalie - I was actually a bridesmaid at her wedding! I'm sure the dress is still around.

The best part of the reunion was...

... meeting the next generation!!

I am sorry I don't have all of their names, but they are pretty mixed up anyway and they had tons of fun together that night. Just as all their mamas did 11+ years ago!!

Let's do it again next summer?


Shanny said...

Yes, do it again next summer, and then maybe I can come!

That looks like way more fun than any official high school reunion could be.

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

That is SO fun for you guys, especially to see all the cute kids in one big group. I can't even imagine being in that position in 5 (or 6) more years with my friends. Hopefully at least SOME of them will be married and have kids by then, haha. I feel like they're behind, but I know it's just because I'm a little "ahead".

Alison said...

The look that Josh is giving me (off the side on the left) is so funny. He's like... what are you doing crazy lady?

That was fun. We need to get together more often!

natalie said...

Holy cow we are so cute.

Meghan said...

This is such a cute post Lindsey! We will definately have to get together again!