Monday, July 5, 2010

The Hotel

Moab - 4th of July

If you know our family well, you know that we usually spend this summer holiday up in Jackson, WY, where it's green, surrounded by beautiful mountains, and has the BEST fireworks show EVER. Really. 

But, due to some very cold weather up north, we decided to change locations. Who really wants to pack winter clothes to go camping?

Though we were in a hotel room, which we unexpectedly scored for under $100/night, the boys were happy to still be sleeping in their sleeping bags. They claimed the bed during the day, but really slept on the floor. Well, poor Josh was kicked off the bed in the middle of the night...

... because this angel-baby during the day turned in to a DEMON. Grr. But, I made a few mistakes which got us to this point: 
1- forgot her can't-sleep-without-it-blanket. OOPS.
2- forgot infant pain reducer. (teething)

So, after SCREAMING up the perfect storm, in a hotel room, Dan drove her around until she crashed. But, she was awake again just as angry an hour later. (this was now 1:15 am)

Layla slept with me on the 2nd queen bed. Thank goodness we had 2. Apparently, our little diva just wanted a more padded surface to sleep on!

But we still had a great trip, and the kids always have so much fun being silly together. Josh loves to remind us when "we are all together!" We appreciate that all 3 of the kiddos are great road-trippers, 'cause those are the best kind.

And, after a long day in the car, some swimming, lots of sunscreen, and a bit of dirt, you WOULDN'T BELIEVE how gray the water was after these 3 cuties were pulled out of the tub. Yuck, but we love 'em.

Still come... Arches National Park!!


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

Wow, what a night for you guys. The pictures are way cute of all the kids though! I'm excited to see and hear about more.

Dawn said...

I am so glad you had that fun trip. It brings back memories of the many adventures our little family went on. The boys look like they are going to be up for many challenges on future trails...I'm happy that you love the out doors so much and are passing that on to your kids. Yay!