Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jack Turns 3!

This is Jack Harper Montague
He calls himself "Gack Mawgagoo."
On July 19, he turned "pee!" (3)

We decided to do a last-minute "come-eat-cake" party with any in-town relatives for Jack. He often takes a major back seat due to an attention-hogging older brother, and of course, a baby sister. But as I have said again and again, Jack makes the PERFECT middle child who doesn't seem to mind most of the time.

Layla adores her big brother, Jack. She gets very giggly around him, and just loves playing with his full head of blond hair! They are a cute pair of friends.

Josh also has fun with Jack, and truly considers him a friend. I learned this when I asked Josh who he wanted to invite to his b-day party, and the first name said was Jack's. These 2 boys are 18 months apart TO THE DAY, and are together almost 24 hours a day. Yes, there are disagreements, and sometimes full-out wars... But I am proud of how well they get along and the imagination I can see developing as they play together.

Thanks to all who came: Gma & Gpa Goates, Lynsie & Levi, Todd, Gpa Russ, Jason & Jacey.

There were also many cards and gifts from our out-of-town relatives! It was a whole b-day week for Jack, and it totally drove Josh NUTS!! (who thinks the world revolves around him) 

Thank you to Granny & Gpa Dan, GG, Gary & Noma, great Gma and Gpa Cec, and great Gma & Gpa Matheson.

What is a birthday be without some awesome cake!!? 

Of course Josh was right there in case Jack needed any pointers on blowing out the candles.

Jack loved every gift he got. There was a definite un-planned theme with gifts, seeing how many construction-type toys/books he got. Everything was perfect for Jack.

We love our Jack Jack. He is our sensitive, quieter child, and is so loving and sincere. He is developing a sense of humor and quiet confidence that I know we will all enjoy.

Happy Birthday Jack


Amanda said...

Happy birthday sweet Jack Jack. Wish we could have been there!

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

What a cutie! He really is a sweet-heart. We sure love him!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Jack! He was pretty proud of that bulldozer today, it sounds like his family knows his desires very well.