Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Arches Nat'l Park

We spent most of our day in the park. It was PERFECT weather, and I have decided that this park is one of the most kid-friendly ones I have been to. We would walk to each arch, which was never more than .5 miles, and then back to the car... just to ride to the next walk. It gave the boys time to rest and get excited for whatever was next.

Josh kept calling the arches "holes," and half-way through the park he all of sudden blurted out, "So, this is Moab." 

That became our key phrase of the weekend!

Dan wanted a boys moment, so he hoisted the 2 up in to this "cave!" Luckily, nothing was home during their visit.

I could not have been more proud of the boys, with all the climbing they did. Jack usually starts asking to go home after 100 yards, but all of a sudden he was begging for "more hikes." He was even scaling the steep walls of the arches! It was so fun to watch, and just look how proud he looks.

Looking up at Double Arch

All of us at Skyline Arch

(trivia: did you know that 2 years ago, Wall Arch collapsed? Nature can't last forever.)

C'mon. When you gotta go...

This picture literally had Josh busting a gut for FIVE minutes!!

My awesome little hiker. He loved having his own hydro-pack, and loved to stop and drink on the way to this arch ever 5th step... 

Later that night we played at the park until the fireworks started! It gets pretty darn cool at night in Moab.

Although Layla was all out of sync sleep-wise, and was not lovin' the day after her beast-side came out, she was Miss Smiley the day we packed up to head home. She must take after me, and loves knowing she will be in her own bed by night time!!

Thanks Moab. 
We were glad to be somewhere warm for the holiday weekend!


Dawn said...

I love the pictures. It looks like so much fun...and yay for Jack discovering his love of hiking.

natalie said...

Looks like fun! We're going there on our trip back to FL.
And the potty picture-it's a must!

Heather B said...

Can't decide which I like more: the pee picture, or the one of the three of your kids at the top of your blog. I cracked up when I saw it, because that's totally how it is when you try to take pictures of the kiddos!

And P.S. you totally are looking skinny in your pictures. I kind of hate you. I mean, Great job1 No, really. You are awesome!