Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Few of Our Summer Faves

There are too many things we love to do in the summer to list them all, but here are some recent pics:

Water + Bikes = smiles and soaked clothes

One of the things on my pre-baby list was to finish this toy room for the boys. CHALKBOARD PAINT ROCKS!!! 

The boys will turn anything in to a ride for each other. Since they weigh the same, it's easy to push the other. They have been "breaking in" the infant car seat since we unpacked it. It's ready for anything now!

1) The boys love the animals at the fair.
2) Both boys love their friend, Lucy.

movies & popcorn & blankets

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kid Cam

What do the troublesome two do while mom is in the shower?...

...find the camera, though it's in a different spot every day, and snap some shots!

These are totally random and boring, but not when you visualize Josh using the camera, it's funny.

And now for the grand finale: the second time Josh got a hold of the camera, it had been left on record mode. Here is REALLY what goes on! I challenge you not to laugh out loud along with Josh.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Total Blag!

   I have to admit that I am so proud of Josh. He has been able to count objects one-to-one for quite a while, as well as count to 10. (sometimes he forgets 7!) But today I observed him sorting his gummy bears first, then counting and labeling each pile.

   Let me tell you why this both makes me happy and, yet, leaves me confused. I have been teaching kindergarten for a few years now, and all of those skills that I just mentioned are included in the state's curriculum, but tested for at the first of the year. I am confused because I would still have a couple of kids every year enter K with no knowledge of colors, or being able to count objects. With all that is even just in cartoons these days, I find it odd to know that 5 year olds are not being exposed to those simple things. I am not saying that Josh is any smarter than any other child his age, but I guess I am just proud that Josh, without having any of those math skills shoved down his throat, was able to learn how to do them through his own play.

This is just one reason why Josh won't be starting 3-year-old pre-school this fall. I believe that kids should be kids before they are in school and are every day until they are adults. And just look at the knowledge they can gain if left to do their own investigating and play!!

I really get to brag about these next 2 accomplishments... since they are my own. (and I usually only blog about the boys) This top quilt is one that I made for our arriving baby girl. I started it a few weeks ago, and finished it last week... finally! 

This quilt is for my sister's soon-to-come baby girl. We pregnant women just get really ambitious when we don't find anything we like!  This quilt only took me a few days to complete, since Jamie did all the cutting and pinning before she went home. (our girls will be about 6 weeks apart!)

And, finally, even with my crazy nesting and drill sergeant attitude with Dan, he still brings home my favorite flowers. I love him. Thank you, babe, for putting up with these last few weeks of insanity!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

In Spite of...

...the almost synchronized vomiting that occurred with the boys this afternoon, I found myself in a mood of gratitude.  I think it's easy to feel that way when 2 very busy, rough, loud boys are forced to lay out so their stomachs stay calm, and are laying on each side of my lap.  

(oh, and of course my hormones...)

- I love looking at their little feet and hands when they are relaxed.

- I love that when asked what friends to invite to Josh's b-day party (not until Jan), he listed Jack very first!

- I am grateful for the concern I feel for something as small as threadbare patches in Josh's 3 1/2 year old favorite blanket, and what do I do for him when it finally dies.

- I am glad to be home this year from teaching. 

- I love that when I take Jack out of the tub, wrapped in a towel, he still lays his head on my shoulder until we get to his room.

- I love when I hear Josh singing (loudly) "wash, wash, wash" as he washes his hands after using the bathroom.

- I can still love both boys at the end of a really long day, when all of our tempers were short and we end up spent.

- I must love them enough, and enjoy being a mom more than I thought, to even have considered having 1 more!