Monday, March 8, 2010

Total Kid Blag!

I am so proud of my boys this week... both as their mom and a teacher. Wow, do they know how to shock a mama!!

(disclaimer: EVERY home should own Leap Frog's Letter Factory)

Uncle-Elder Thomas Goates is the lucky one to be the recipient of Josh's FIRST EVER signature!! (I promise the H is there) 

(this is how I am having Josh practice as well as strengthen those hand muscles)

This video shows Jack's new skill that surprised me the most!! 
(To his credit, he did say the right letter... but he left of the final sound, which threw me off.)

By the way, all of this was totally spontaneous! Nothing rehearsed here!

The reason I laughed at Jack was because he is totally mimicking the Leap Frog movie. Who knew he would remember the sound of a Q!! 

This video is EFG (especially for Granny) who lives in CA! By the time we see her in May, this skill won't be as new and cool to Josh... maybe.

** The next morning, Josh totally rocked the day by showing Dan and me that he could READ 'MOM,' 'Dad,' and 'Layla.' (he already know Josh and Jack) He is so stinkin' smart!!  


natalie said...

woot woot! Way to go Josh!

Amanda said...


Emily said...

Your kids rock! I love that letter tracing paper you made. Great idea!

Granny said...

My grandkids are the smartest!!
(I love you too Josh!)
...and Jack.....and Layla!!

Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

It pays to have a teacher for a mama, I guess! :) I love Josh's line "it's not on a DOODLE". haha

Erin said...

yeah for Josh and Jack! Very Smart!