Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 Months

"Layla Girl"

We love this girlie! She truly completes us, and it is so fun to watch her personality develop. She has come with the most patient dispositions, so much so, that at times she will be left playing in her room for 10 minutes. That's forever in baby-time!! But, really, she won't make a peep! She is often last on the totem pole, but just keeps herself entertained until it's her turn. She's perfect!

Layla loves:

*going anywhere in her carseat   *bath time   *sucking on her fingers, LOUDLY   *playing with her toes   *swinging   *her hanging lion toy   *anyone who givers her attention   *Josh and Jack   *listening to her musical play mat   *grasping fingers   *out-yelling her brothers

What's coming up:

*rolling from back to tummy   *more solid food experiences   *grabbing momma's earrings/jewelry   *hiking, with Layla in the backpack   *road trip to St. George   *plane trips to CA and OH   *more and more belly laughing


katherine said...

lindsey, she is so darling!! and at such a fun stage!! i love that she sucks her fingers loudly and that she out yells her brothers - that a girl!!! ps i hope to see you soon! i am bummed it was so quickly last time!!

Emily said...

No way! I can't believe she is 5 months! She seems so little to me, but maybe my boys were just huge at 5 months. Oh she is a sweet baby and that picture with the cereal on her face is awesome!

Tanya said...

What a cutie!

Dawn said...

I love that baby girl. She really was and is the perfect addition to your family. I can't look at those huge eyes without seeing Lindsey as a baby. Happy 5 months Layla!