Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I was tagged by my friend, Emily, and I always love to play!

Rules: take pictures of the following AS THEY ARE... no pre-cleaning.

**Disclaimer: I am currently renting... need I say more?

My Favorite Room:
I chose Layla's room for 2 reasons: 1) I created almost everything in it during my last trimester of her pregnancy. 2) It is the only room in the house with a light peach-ish color that totally creates a warm atmosphere. (when the sun filters through the maroon curtains) When I am holding Layla in the chair in her room, facing out and seeing all the light, blue walls, it feels like a cozy embrace. It was the EXACT feeling I wanted.

My Kitchen:
I could lie and say that I had just barely put those dishes in the sink, but to be totally honest, I usually have a couple of dishes in/around my sink. My dishwasher is tiny and I hate hand-washing dishes. Dan loves it, really, so I kinda wait for him...

My Bathroom:
I was doing laundry... hence the hanging, drying shirts.

My Laundry Room:
First of all, I am just grateful this very old house (duplex) even had washer/dryer hook-ups. This is just a cement pad in the basement. The foundation is a bit crooked, so I have to keep that heavy bin on top of the washer to prevent it from walking away!

My Favorite Shoes:
Don't these shoes just totally explain my personality? The best part: I got them for $16 at Famous... because I had a coupon!!

My Self-Portrait
While the rest of my pics were taken last night, I forgot about this picture until just now... Josh says I have a funny eye.

My Refrigerator:
Yes, we are pilers even on the fridge.

Inside my Fridge:
I have to admit that there was nothing to be "ashamed" about. I do have a 2nd blog, with major goals, to be true to. I have tons of produce, hummus, yogurt, eggs, and cheese. Yes, there is one Diet Dr. Pepper in the back!

My Closet: 
As I looked at a couple of other sites who had done these pics, I notice that I really don't have a ton of clothes... Dan and I are really good at making sure we don't keep anything around that we don't EVER wear, or that doesn't fit... 

What My Kids are Doing:
Sweet Layla has been sick with a cold and off-and-on fever for a couple of days. She is nicely propped up by the quilt that I made before she came... to go with the room... when I pretty much went nesting-nutty! And that cute bear-thing must be next to her face for her to nestle in to as she falls asleep.

I didn't want to get in Jack's face, since he had already woken up twice, screaming because of some nightmare. He is quite the nestler on his bottom bunk. Sometimes it seems like a cave. I would love to have a space so plush and dark.

Yep, Josh has a sticker on his head. And, he MUST have his 2 favorite (from birth) blankets in order to fall asleep. Otherwise, he visits me around 2:00 AM to look for them.

I tag: Jamie, Amanda, Alison, Barb, Larrie... and whoever else wants to play.


Emily said...

I LOVE Josh's sticker on his forehead, your shoes, and your beautiful fridge. Look at all of your produce! Beautiful!
Your sleeping babies are so adorable, I love that they sleep with their mouths closed, mine all sleep with their mouths open.
This tag makes me feel like I visited you today, I like it! Thanks for sharing!

Amanda said...

fun post! I love the little peak into your life.

Lindsey Montague said...

OH... I want to tag BRENNA as well!