Sunday, August 24, 2008

L & L Wedding

Saturday was Lynsie's and Levi's wedding. (Dan's sister) We had a great day, but Josh had an extra special role. He was very excited about scattering petals down the aisle, or throwing them down! He did a great job, and loved being paired with Kenzie, Dan's youngest cousin.

This is Lynsie with her dad Russ and her stepdad Dan.
(both Dan and Lynsie each have a stepdad named Dan... FYI)

Lynsie and Levi
In Josh-ese: "Eee-eeh" and "Vi-vi"

Josh took most of the flowers of the chairs on the aisle for himself. Sorry Lynsie!

Yay for blowing bubbles!!

Brothers kissing the bride.

Josh and Jack thought aunt Lynsie was very pretty.

Lynsie's Lil' Entourage

Just Jack

How to keep from losing a binky in public... or to keep from losing Jack.

Congratulations Lynsie and Levi!! We love you!


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I seriously giggled through all those pictures! They are SO ADORABLE. I loved the pic of Josh with his arms up like "touchdown" and Jack connected to Dan like that. Tell Lynsie congrats for me! :)

Amanda said...

Fun pictures! It looks like she had a nice day for her wedding. The boys look cute as always!