Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Josh at Jack

Last night we took Josh to the Jack Johnson concert at Usana Amphitheater. For those of you who really know us, know that Dan and I looove concert-hopping. This actually wasn't even Josh's 1st concert. At 4 months, he saw Ben Harper (with us) at the Red Rocks theater in CO. 

Jack Johnson's music is a HUGE part of our days with both boys. (yes, our Jack was partly named for "big" Jack) From Jack Johnson's music putting them to sleep in the car, or making us dance all over the house, there was no way we were not taking Josh.

Looking for any goods that mom brought. Sorry Josh, I couldn't smuggle anything but a diaper.

Yep, that's where "big" Jack will play his guitar.

This episode sponsered by Dasani water: official $3.50 water of your summer concerts.

"Nanner, nanner, nanner! We got an awesome seat and all of you are behind me."

Dan was representin' the hometown of Jack.

Mmm, Skittles. Taste the rainbow.

Jack Johnson did the soundtrack for Curious George; one of Josh's faves. Here is his reaction to the song from the opening scene of the movie. ('Upside Down') After every song, Josh would yell "MOY," which means "more" in Josh-ese.

Uncle Todd was there with his mom and a buddy, so they sat with us. Lucky Josh!!

The show went past 10:45, which is when we started for the car. Josh was pretty worn out by then, but still wanted "moy" after each song even though he couldn't keep his head up to watch. He was asleep before we left the parking lot!


Amanda said...

Yeah for the pictures! I'm so glad he had fun