Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big & Little Snoop

A typical day at our house:
(Notice that Josh's face looks like the monkey on his shirt!)

Josh: Hey Jack, check this out. Mom is in the bathroom, so we have about 2 minutes to spread this stuff everywhere we can.

Jack: (not pictured, but surely there) Sorry big bro. I'm too busy sticking random things in my mouth. Have at it.

Josh: Okay but you are missing out. It's squishy. Cool.

Jack: Look what I found. Did you know about this and not tell me all this time? Some brother you are...

Jack: Hey, when I was your age this cabinet was locked all the time. Mom and Dad must be getting lazy.

Josh: Why do adults have so many weird things? I don't get what this is, but I can blow air through it. What are you finding?

Jack: Just more and more cups, lids, and my toes are pretty cool. Why did you ever stop sucking on yours?

Josh: None of your business.


Ryan and Jamie Turner said...

I have read this little story like 3 times. haha I love it! If only adults could be so absorbed with the little things in life like they are.

Emily said...

Is that body butter or crisco? :)

Amanda said...

oh that made me laugh!

Lindsey Montague said...

Body Butter! So at least it smelled good.