Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Beds

   This week we finally moved to our nearly-finished basement, but the best part of all was moving the boys in together. Jack had been our room since birth, and it was time to cut the strings! (no, if there had been room he would have been out earlier like Josh was at 6 weeks) Anyway, Jack is in the big crib now and finally staring rolling from back to front, but only his sleep. Whatever works for you, Jack.

 This is Josh's "big boy" bed. The best things about this bed are, 1) he can't fall out because it's a box with a mattress inside that sits just on the floor. The 2nd thing is that when Jack is done with his (short) stay in the crib, the bed flips over and becomes a low bunk bed. (with just some extra parts added) We love that this room is big enough to hold all the toys they own now, and will still be big enough for the ones they get for b-days...

   Josh loves his bed. Though we have had some funny things happen during this transition. The first night it was ready for him was also exciting because of the new, plush rug we bought for the room. Josh has fallen in love with soft carpeting since getting it in the basement. We kept telling him that it was  his new rug! When I checked on him later that night, he was not curled up in his new bed, but on the floor with all of his blankets around him.
  The other night as I checked on him, I found a little naked body all rolled up, wearing socks, with his favorite blanket pulled over his head. I didn't add that picture, but you can imagine it and giggle!

It must be said: "He's got the whole world, in his hands..." Sing along!


Emily said...

Hooray for finished basements! I'll bet your boys are so excited, oh and probably you and Dan too! :) We can't wait to come out and see!

Angie said...

Congrats on finishing the basement. Yippee!!! We need to come and see it. I love Josh's bed. What a great idea.

Amanda said...

Cute bed! Have they been okay in the same room so far? We need to talk and catch up!