Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Just Jack!!

If any of you were watching TV in the 90's, you probably remember one of my favorite characters from "Will and Grace." (my Jack is not named for the gay, best friend Jack!) My favorite phrase of his was "Just Jack," and the way he'd frame his face with his Jazz Hands. 

I figured that since Jack can't walk, "talk", or spin on the floor, he needs his own blog time to match Josh's.

Jack was the coolest kid in California, with his bleach-blonde hair and sweet sunglasses.

Jack has this amazing interest in music. It's not like Josh's crazy dance-response, which is so cute, but a real intense listening interest. During conference he would be whining, then stop as soon as the choir started singing, and gaze at them until they finished. Who knows... I was singing the during his entire pregnancy in my choir. (8 1/2 months at the concert)

Having a big, open mouth is typical for Jack. Now, it is accompanied by shrieks of joy. Oh, and lots of drool!

Come on, you know these are the best pics to keep around to show off to his buddies in high school!! Again, open mouth.

He's cute and funny. We'll keep him.


Aaron & Amy Norton said...

found your blog link on facebook, i'm adding your blog to the list on the same!

Amanda said...

I miss him!!!!

Karen said...

Such cuute chubby thighs! We need to get together...whatcha think?

natalie said...

Hey Lindsey! I found you through Karen's blog! Your boys are too cute!